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I am a seller and I contacted ebay regarding negative feedback that a buyer left although it was done 100% according to the auction. Contacted ebay.

They said "The feedback is according to the buyer's opinion and the facts don't matter". They can easily check the invoice and see that the invoice and payment was done 100% by the listing. We should not let ebay continue to take away sellers' rights and protection from idiots. I have now reported ebay to the Better Business Bureau and looking to escalate this as much as possible until ebay gives us back our rights.

Buyers should not be able to leave negative feedback based on opinion and not fact.

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I to have been screwed by eBay. I had set up my sellers account to block ALL International buyers, however they kept slipping thru.

And recently a stubborn buyer in Turkey, after me telling him I dont ship worldwide, buys anyway, I get the transaction cancelled, he hits me with a negative, my first in 11 years, saying :seller said worldwide shipping, but didn't send..." Talk about livid. All my auctions say US shipping only, plus I offer free shipping, and products I sell go as low as $5, free worldwide shipping would cost more to me than my product sales in some cases, but they will not remove it, even after THEY failed to block him, even after receiving my monthly ridiculous eBay Fees, and even after seeing the "facts" right in their face.

I really cant believe how much they don't care. I valued my perfect feedback more than my money!!

to curtis_b15 Nashville, Tennessee, United States #1226191

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I got screwed early, after 12 sells I got a single negative review wich dropped my feedback score nearly 10 percent I cant sell anything with that account now. I even gave the person a refund!


if i want someone to intervene on my behalf,because the buyer will not agree to remove bad feedback.

what u.k ebay departments do i contact, to say i have given this person permission?


Thanks for the BBB info. I have also been slain by the dragon.

I eBay must have hired some real novice people. The younger they are the less they know about how hard sellers have worked, and not just those power hungry power-sellers, to get to where they/we are now. Those numbers next to our handles were special! To me anyway!

I thought highly of eBay until I sold something to a buyer that didn't even know how to operate it. They damaged it and returned it, and demanded their money back. I was offered the request for revision of feedback link too when they left neg feedback: "It didn't work!" The request EXPIRED and there was no response from them so I was told that "That is all that eBay will do and that I must respect the buyer's decision NOT TO REVISE!" Feedback used to be fair. eBay used to be good company.

The other auction sites have ridiculous rules like money up front, backward auctions, and no customer base.

What are we to do about that? BTW: Cry me a river: It is called KARMA!


I left negative feedback for a seller and I asked to have it removed or to revise it. I was told by Ebay that the seller needs to do the following in order to have my negative feedback removed:

his is what you need to do:

1. Go to 'Site Map'

2. Go to Community

3. Click on 'Request Feedback Revision' and follow the steps there.

Again, the buyer has to be in agreeance with resolving this issue. Luckily, I, the buyer, requested the steps for the seller.


A long-time Ebay buyer


I am a buyer who left a factual commentary of my problematic transaction with a seller. I simply said "Per seller item had mfg warranty. Received DOA, Mfg charged $265.00 for repair" and ebay removed my feedback.

It looks to me like the screwing is going both ways.


I was a seller who also got screwed by ebays "Policy" on feedback. The buyer lied, ebay agreed she lied because I had proof of delivery, but will not remove the feedback because their policy "does not cover lying or untruthfull statements".....

Try that in court and see what you get!

I did file a complaint with BBB and after several back and forth emails, they are putting in ebay file and making it part of their reports. I suggest everyone fill out the complaint form on BBB website!


I totally agree with you, I sold an item to a buyer and shipped it the next day. Right after I shipped it she changed her address and didnt tell me.

Ebay and paypal proved that I was right and she was wrong. So you would think because of that she would not be able to leave a negative feedback. And she was, I went to the president of ebay and pleeded my case, but they would do nothing about it. The negative feedback stayed on my account even though it was completely false.

I then filed a claim with the BBB and the response I got back from ebay was they were not changing the feedback. At this point I have sent in a rebuttal and I'm waiting for a response, but I know they will not do anything but I did want the BBB to know what kind of company Ebay is. I have not sold anything on ebay since and I will not.

They do not stand up for there sellers and there buyers can do or say anything they want on feedback which is not right. The complaint is filed but I dont want to stop here so I am going to continue to get the word out how unfair ebay really is

to Helen Bogdon Englewood, Colorado, United States #652292

Ebay customer service is a joke ! They are rude ,untrained and in most cases VERY HARD TO UNDERSTAND.

Ive called at least five times. One manager told me the feedback would be removed but was not removed. Another one said lying didn't break there policies and that it was just my opinion.

I have a film on my smartphone which I told them I had from the beginning but they really are not interested in the truth .They are almost as bad as the VA for putting you off . What is it they say delay ,deny,and wait till you die.


As a buyer the 60 character feedback is all we get. Ebay only protects power sellers.

I will never shop ebay again due to its treatment of buyers. It is unfortunate to see that sellers are screwed by ebay too.


I totally agree I hate ebay now it sucks for sellers.


I know, I remember the day when sellers would receive payment immediately after auction ended with me performing as a perfect seller then mess around with my order and hold back on rating me as a buyer until after I gave them a deserved disapproving review, then they would respond to my perfect purchase performance negatively. I'm glad it is how it should have always been.

I was always impressed by sellers back in those days that never waited to review me as a buyer. I am a happy Ebay buyer.

I remember my first purchase was scary to me because unlike going to a store I pay first long before I see an item but Ebay has come through for me and will continue to use them. If your approval rating is less than 90% you are doing something wrong and need to be removed from Ebay as a seller.


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