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I saw a 3 jaw for sale on e-bay from seller 800watt. I send seller 800watt an e-mail to ask about the tolerance of these chucks because of an earlier experience.

He assured me this was a well built and precise chuck. I order the chuck and pay for it. After a week or so, I haven't heard anything so I send an e-mail to 800watt asking about the shipping information, that is when I found out that he didn't have the mounting plates for the 10 chucks he said was available. Since the backs were unavailable for the 3 jaw chuck rendering them useless and seller said He could upgrade me to the four jaw chuck and that if I wasn't satisfied I could return for a full refund.

I told him to send the four jaw chuck and that I would check it out for my use. The chuck is far from being precise, I have sent several e-mails over several weeks about shipping the chuck back to no avail.

Now I need to know if this common practice for e-bay to allow this sort of thing to go on, or what course of action do I need to take. I look forward to hearing from you soon and thanks in advance for your assistance.

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