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I have been selling for some time on ebay.Buying and selling since it started.As much as some people think ebay is for the seller and not for the buyer.YOU ARE WRONG.The seller is who pays ebay.At least 16-18% of any item(EBAY/PPAL).It's like giving away product and my time.I sell items up to 5k.So figure it out on 30-100k a year.Now they want to tell us how to run a business their way.Need to refund and be out the door in a day.Like i said i run a business,its out the same day or within in 3 topps.I think thats fair.What I sell there is no refunds.I"m not going to eat what someone scraches or destroys or does't fit.Not my problem.We can't leave neg feedback.What good is feedback?Now its a 1 way street.I'm a power seller that had a disc. but now with the changed policy they took that away.Why because I don't refund.Now my product price goes up.I shouldn't half to.It's my business.My customers don't have a problem with it,why should they.It's because they make that extra 20% disc. on our fees.EBAY ISN'T TO GREEDY ARE THEY.Now you can't email,that means I can't send pics to customer or otherwise.Makes it harder to sell or the buyer to purchase.They take listings off at their leisure.It took my time to put it up.Funds automaticlly come out of account if a buyer ***.Doen't matter if received or anything else.It's my product that left the door.THESE NEW OWNERS SHOULD BE SHOT FOR DESTROYING A GOOD THING.GREEDY BASTARDS.......IF SOMEONE WAS SMART ENOUGH THEY WOULD CREATE ANOTHER TYPE OF EBAY....THIS COMPANY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #755205

I bought a sound bar from Infiniti Electronics at Ebay for $525; It's listed as new, which is unopen, unused and manufacturer sealed by EBay's definition. But they sold me used one.

Everything looks new except the remote control, you can see lots of scratchs and plastic cover is gone.

Never buy things from Ebay. A bunch of Crooks.

Tampa, Florida, United States #650634

Ebay is the only gig in town (to date)...and, the f@#$ng know it! This is why they routinely f#$k with sellers.

I cannot wait for the day they are criminally charged as an organiztion for their unfair and illegal 'business' practices.

Don't the Sherman Anti-Trust laws apply to these f@#$rs, too? And, on a related note; If I could reach through the phone and choke the sh*t out of the @$$holes that I deal with in customer service- it would all be worth it

to ***Ebay! Englewood, Colorado, United States #652301


to ***Ebay! Pekin, Illinois, United States #655343

so true the company is a scam don't use it

Monroe, Louisiana, United States #608740

Bunch of retards.

I've had buyers literally attempt to extort money or they'd leave a negative feedback. Refused to pay, turned over the e-mails, info, etc. and Ebay didn't give a ***. Got a message "I know it's frustrating when you get negative feedback blah blah blah". 680 transactions and one negative from an extortive s.o.b. and ebay just rocks along.

Getting to the point where I'm going to shut my account and sell *** on Saturdays in a yard sale.


:( I cannot agree more. They are crooks. Why aren't there any class action law suits?

to Eddie Copland Pekin, Illinois, United States #655345

someone should start a lawsuit


EBAY DOES SUCK. They allow people to sell things like metaphysical *** purchased from junk stores/yard sales.

The worst one is jinnandtonics ebay store. There is nothing about this chick or her items that have any type of powers what-so-ever.

She doesn't even own the site, if you look closely, you will see the name Lester Smith...he must be the sugar daddy backing this *** site. EBAY NEEDS TO SHUT ALL OF THESE LIERS DOWN...BUT THEY WON'T BECAUSE THEY MAKE MONEY OFF THE LIES.......EBAY SUCKS

to Linda Lebanon, Indiana, United States #588291

I sold a Palmcorder that had no Charger on Ebay Which I bought it on Ebay Without a Charger, The Person That Bought it Left me a Negative FeedBack Because They Said They Couldnt Find a Charger Well Thats Kinda Weird I looked up the Camera Number for a Battery Charger and Several Came up on Ebays Site as low as $6.99, and I have Called Ebay Five Times and Get a Differant Answer Each Time But all of Them Say They Cant Remove The Negative FeedBack and Im Supposed to Be a Power Seller and The Person That Bought The Camera only had a FeedBack of 7 When I have 1068, Ebay is not for the Seller, I will Never Sell on Ebay again they can take that Site and Shove it, all they are is a Bunch of Liars and Let Worthless Buyers like that get by with Leaving Bad FeedBack. PEOPLE BEWARE WITH EBAY

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