Couldn't get on the auction site after registering, logging in etc. Something has gone

to the swine at ebay, I'm guessing that hackers have compromised the site, as well

as so many others, as all my browsers stop working when I go to 'complaint' on the

ebay homepage. WHAT A RIDICULOUS BUNCH OF NONSENSE. I'll miss the old times, when things were much simpler, and functional. Oh well, there goes the

neighborhood. Adios ebay! May you drown in your own excrement. ickypoo.

Have read on other blurbs about ebays lack of concern/inaction on matters with

their auction policies, and lack of enforcement of rules, and so many sudden changes since december. I really think this trend is infecting many once thriving

companies, inc's, organizations, oh and governments gone berzerk. KOOKOO!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $475.

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Ha ha ha ha.This post is hilarious .

I'm on eBay now and just purchased a buy it now and placed another bid. Go look online to official stocks for eBay. They are increasing. It's proven to be thriving and making money.

eBay is not hacked. It's your computer that has an issue.

You can go to the library or somewhere else to create an account which will prove its not eBay.I wish people would stop blaming eBay for their problems.

to bbb Buffalo, New York, United States #611840

They have gotten so big and dependent on their technology, The have lost touch with reality, and customer care.The bigger they are the harder they fall.My Space was top dog, AOL was top dog.

now they are on the bottom looking up.

to They create their own problems Buffalo, New York, United States #611841

Ebay / PayPal.....They have gotten so big and dependent on their technology, The have lost touch with reality, and customer care.The bigger they are the harder they fall. My Space was top dog, AOL was top dog......... now they are on the bottom looking up.

to They create their own problems #613838

MySpace was a social network alone and AOL Is like interest support or email and search. eBay is a platform the allows sellers and buyers come to one location to do their own business. eBay just expanded to Russia they are a global company the brings everyone together.

to bbb Buffalo, New York, United States #611842


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