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I purchased flower seeds from an ebay Drop Shipper seller named seedsbulkseeds . She sold me over 100.00 worth of old seeds.

I contacted her around a week after purchase and told her the seeds were old and asked could I send the balance of them back and get replacements. She kept on assuring me the seeds were good and just wait longer. I did so.

She kept blaming me because they weren't germinating even though I was germinating many seeds of the same kind that she sold me at the same time successfully. She refused to refund my money and it went past 30 days.

By this time, ebay wouldn't make her replace them OR give me my money back. This sellers has over 1000 LISTINGS FOR SEEDS that she is selling ILLEGALLY breaking Federal and STate law as well as in VIOLATION OF EBAYS OWN SELLING POLICY FOR SEEDS.. None of her products have been GERMINATION RATES , Harvest dates NOR does she post this information on her ads.. It's illegal what ebay is allowing these sellers to do..

It's illegal for these sellers to sell outdated undated, old product. I had no idea she was going to send me 103.00 worth of old seeds in a freezer bag and I wasn't going to have any recourse to get my money back .. Ebay is at fault here.. I TOLD them she was violating their selling policy as well as state and Federal LAW and they even agreed with me but they did NOTHING to reprimand this seller and she's still peddling tens of thousands of dollars worth of these old seeds to unwary ebay buyers.

EBAY is ignoring it because they're making money.

Most of these sellers of seeds are in violation of State and Federal Law in many instances and EBAY even states they have to to post this information but they don't enforce it.. They just let these sellers keep on stealing from us!

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