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I purchased a Neon sign from this seller "iLoveNeon" on Ebay. the sign first of all is junk. Very poorly built. The main problem is the sign arrived broken. I sent e-mail after e-mail; over 10 easily for days after the item arrived. They ignored me for weeks. So I left negative feedback for them and just ended it there. Today they called me out of the and told me they left me negative feedback and they would not remove it until I removed mine. They are blackmailing me after they ripped me off. I have been a user on ebay since 2001 and have had up until now 100% perfect feedback. Purchased from hundreds of sellers without a problem. Now these people are blackmailing me!

So now because a company ripped me off; ignored me; then tried to blackmail me; I am left with a negative feedback. How is this fair? So I am filing this complaint, along with many, many more and even one with the BBB against these criminals. If you see them selling poorly made signs on their web site And/Or Ebay, JUST KEEP MOVING ON! These sellers will rip you off and then ignore you without a care in the world. They have received 3 neg feedback in the past week alone!

I want my money back and the feedback they left for me in the hopes of blackmailing me removed! they stole from me then pull a mob move and tried and force me to lose out on 2 different fronts!

Velocity Products Inc (iloveneon EBAY)

215 Hembree Park Drive

Roswell, Georgia


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