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On September 14 2010, I won an auction on eBay for a set of Scion 17" alloy rims. When I received them, I gave them a visual inspection and believed they were OK to use. Due to a lack of money at the time, I didn't attempt to use them (have tires installed) until October 25th. At that time, the tire shop discovered ALL FOUR rims were bent, having a large amount of runout. I contacted the seller, Oscar Gomez (eBay ID www305) and received no reply. on Oct 28th, I opened a dispute case with eBay Customer Support and was told they sided with the seller and I had no relief. I was asking, at the time, for a replacement set of good wheels or a full refund.

The rims, although used, were described by the seller as "Like new, 9.7 on a scale from 1 to 10". The following is an exact quote from the sellers description, "These have been inspected by a professional on a wheel balancer, have been found to be straight and true, With No Bends Or Cracks, Other Then Minor Scratches As Show on Pictures"

Obviously, there is a major difference between the described condition and the true usability of the rims. The seller either deliberately lied or was intentionally misled by an employee. It is not possible for the rims to have been damaged in shipping or by the tire shop without noticable scarring or damage to the rim. Only being 'curbed' or other misuse while installed on a vehicle could cause such bending without visible damage.

On 30 Oct, I appealed the decision by eBay's 'Customer Support', but never received a reply other than the form mesage that said they would contact me with a decision in 48 to 72 hours.

It is obvious that eBay protects sellers from making good on a sale. When someone is pushing *** on a buyer, but promises "like new" merchandise, they have an ethical requirement to make good on the transaction. In fairness, the vast majority of my ebay transactions have been wholly satisfactory and sellers/buyers were ethical people who held up their end of the bargain.

In this case, I am left holding some very expensive scrap metal...

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Ebay has done this to us before. We buy a window for a 1995 Windstar to find out that the window was for a 1996.

I contacted the seller, he didn't even understand English so I contacted Ebay. I had the same situation. Since the seller is the one that pays Ebay, Ebay sides with the seller. Otherwise Ebay loses too much money.

Look at Ebay now...just a internet store. It's not an auction...just a internet store.

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