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I purchased a Fire Luigi on ebay from Toynk Toys. They mailed me the regular Luigi. I emailed them the same day and they never returned my emails. I opened a paypal claim for "item not as desc" and they reply the same day. They lied to paypal saying the ebay listing does not say firepower luigi. See link below. Yes it does.

Now they sent me an email saying they sent the right toy.

Toynk Toys are liars and will not correct their own mistake.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #664216

@Martha, huh? You work for the company, yes?

Your comments don't make sense with my complaint towards this company. Shipping to me was great, I never ordered for the holidays. It was going to be the topper for my at that time 7 yr old son birthday cake. The toy itself was not broken.

They sent me the wrong item. Then called me a liar when I tried to get them to give me the right toy. Also my son was very upset. I am sorry you don't like being an American.

It seems you have some demons that you want others to know about. It is ok if you move away. Yes?? @Jackie, oh wow really?

That is so funny. It gave me a laugh. Yes you are right for sure. Thanks, Ill drive across the US to another state to pick up this toy myself that is not sold locally, requested by my 7 yr old son because it is his favorite, and required me to go on ebay to buy.

Troll much? :(

Columbus, Ohio, United States #664177

Toynk runs vending booths at convention centers across the country and scam help for people through craigslist.

They state that money and merchandise will be offered for help but provide neither, making excuses.

Be wary of the comments above, they are likely the scam artists themselves trying to cover up their criminal philosophy.


Lol Chopp. I chuckled at what Sandy said. maybe you should get out and try finding that figure your lazy self :grin ***.


I also find it funny Sandy that so many people go out of their way to complain but never would exert near as much effort to leave something positive. You are all hypocrites and i wouldnt doubt that your interactions with toynk were primarily your fault.

I love toynk toys, they beat most internet prices on both costumes and toys and are both prompt and accurate with their items.

Near halloween and christmas delays should be expected since they are based from a snow state and its really all your own faults for ordering last minute anyway. Sometimes you people make me feel ashamed for being american.

Saint Amant, Louisiana, United States #229368

They sent me the wrong item. They have a 7 day return policy and it took me opening a paypal claim to get them to reply to my support emails. When they finally replied they called me a liar and they refused to fix it for me. I finally had to get paypal to return my money for the wrong item sent and ended up paying for shipping costs to cover sending back the item to them for their mistake!!

Why did I make a complaint. So others know what type of customer service to expect and if enough ppl complaint then maybe they will change.

The BBB complaint they just ignored too.


Its a shame there is so many cheap people in this world who go out of their way to leave negative dialog. I will do business with toynk again, thank you for making our Christmas very merry! :)


I have ordered many things from and they were great. Huge selection of sports figures! Thanks!

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