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After Warnings, eBay Fake FBI, Police Badges and ID Remain

Counterfeit Law Enforcement Badges and ID available to terrorists, child predators and other criminals

June 21, 2016, Los Angeles, CA - Despite warnings last month to eBay senior staff, including eBay CEO Devin Wenig, eBay continues to provide a means to purchase FBI, ATF, and a variety of other replica federal and police badges, and counterfeit identification made to order with the buyer's name and photograph. While Federal, state and local laws regulate the sale, purchase, possession and display of fake badges, eBay claims "You can't list replicas, fakes, counterfeits, or other illegal copies on eBay" -- but the fact is that counterfeit and replica law enforcement badges and accompanying identification are being sold on eBay

Inexplicably, eBay sends direct email solicitations encouraging the purchase of the fraudulent items, regardless of eBay's policy of not allowing badges from federal law enforcement agencies or police agencies, government identification cards, movie props or reproductions. Profit over policy seems to prevail with the e-commerce giant.

Public trust is destroyed when companies don't align themselves with ethical behavior and diligence in protecting consumers, the public and national security. It is disturbing that eBay has become the means of those looking for fake law enforcement badges and identification to have a “one stop” shopping market for these made-to-order items. Notifications from The Counterfeit Report to eBay executive staff were viewed over 380 times, yet the sellers and listings remain a month later.

e-Commerce giant eBay (EBAY) is no stranger to allegations of selling counterfeit goods, unfortunately counterfeit Law Enforcement and Police badges, and Government ID's pose a particularly serious threat to national security, consumer safety and public confidence.

Fake FBI credentials

While repeatedly reported to eBay executive staff, including CEO Devin Wenig, the badges and identification shown here remain listed on eBay.

eBay provides a means for anyone to purchase FBI, ATF, and a variety of other replica federal badges and counterfeit identification bearing the FBI and other federal agency seals. Federal, state and local laws regulate the sale, purchase, possession and display of fake badges.

A FBI/HSI Bulletin last month solicited the public's help in locating 34-year-old Roberto Craciunica, indicted for manufacturing and distributing counterfeit FBI, HSI and CIA badges, including trafficking in counterfeit goods and false seals. Interpol has also issued a Red Notice for Craciunica’s arrest.

“It is not like the FBI has uniforms or marked vehicles. We trust our badges, credentials to give the public the reassurance that we are official federal agents representing government business” said Stephen Emmett, a Special Agent at the FBI.

Fak FBI identification

This fake FBI identification card bearing the name and photograph of United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch was made to order by an eBay seller, illustrating the ease in obtaining fraudulent government documents. Even with the repeated reports to eBay, the item and seller remain.

The use of false credentials and badges have been used to attempt restricted area access at airports, including a August 2015 incident in which a man was indicted for impersonating a federal law enforcement agent. He used a counterfeit Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) badge and credentials to enter the Naval Nuclear Training Command in South Carolina while armed with a Sig Sauer pistol.

In another incident, a man was watching a movie at a theatre in Michigan, wearing body armor and carrying a firearm. When approached by police, he presented a counterfeit Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) badge and credentials.

In January 2014, a man attempted to gain access to the secure area of Reagan National Airport using a counterfeit CIA badge, but was prevented from doing so after Transportation Security Administration officers noticed inconsistencies with the man’s statements and credentials.

Fake Federal Badges

The eBay seller of these eBay prohibited Federal Law Enforcement full-size replica badges were offered in over 60 eBay listings. The eBay listings make the badges available worldwide to terrorists, child predators and other criminals, and could easily confuse or deceive unsuspecting individuals.

Immigration and Customs enforcement seeks the public’s help in locating a badge counterfeiter believed to be in Germany, described in a recently issued HSI Bulletin. Is it any coincidence that this eBay seller is located in Berlin, Germany?

Fake LAPD badge

The badge of the Los Angeles Police Department is one of the most recognized badges in the world. This strikingly realistic replica of the current Los Angeles Police Detective Badge is listed on eBay as as are others of various ranks with the accompanying description;

"Good Quality LAPD Los Angeles Police Department Detective Badge Free Shipping"

and includes the disclaimer;

"This badge complies with the following eBay rules."

"Historical badges that do not resemble modern law enforcement badges (a sheriff's badge from the 19th century), provided that the item description must clearly state that the badge is a historical piece at least 75 years old or issued by a now-defunct organization"


This fake Los Angeles Police Department ("LAPD") identification card is offered on eBay and was made to order bearing the name and photograph of US Senate candidate, and California Attorney General, Kamala Harris.

It is alarming that such a simple process is allowed to remain on eBay, available to terrorists, child predators and other criminals, offering items that could easily confuse or deceive unsuspecting individuals.

Accompanied by a fraudulent or replica badge, such as the item shown above, members of the general public likely would not recognize they are viewing a fake.

The Counterfeit Report made several notifications to eBay executives, and a telephonic notification to eBay Trust and Safety, but the seller remains and offers fake NYPD, California Highway Patrol, United States Marshall, CIA, RCMP, FBI, NSA and many other fraudulent ID cards.

Fake California Highway Patrol Badge

This current style California Highway Patrol Badge replica purchased on eBay accompanies a variety of other replica Law Enforcement badges from various US police agencies listed on the eBay website.

An accompanying California Highway Patrol Identification Card made-to-order with the buyers name and photo can be ordered from the seller above.

Again, despite several notifications to eBay, including a telephonic notification, the seller remains.

Manufacturers are vocal that not enough is being done to stop counterfeits on e-commerce websites, including eBay. While individual listings may be identified and removed in what is best described as a whack-a-mole process, they just pop up again with the same sellers. eBay earns over $2 billion in profits and needs to do more than the bare minimum to stop counterfeits on its website. The eBay consumer and manufacturers would be much better served if eBay put consumer protection before profits with aggressive proactive research, harsh penalties for sellers, and appropriately staffed anti-counterfeiting efforts.

What should you do if you receive an eBay counterfeit?

Never return the counterfeit item. It is a violation of US Postal Regulations, Federal Law, eBay policy and the only evidence for your refund claim.

Notify eBay immediately at (866) 540-3229, and open a refund claim under eBay’s Money Back Guarantee.

If eBay doesn’t satisfy your claim, dispute the credit card charge. You have the counterfeit product as proof of your claim and to support the negative feedback you leave for the seller to protect other consumers.

Some cases or arbitrary eBay decisions may require more aggressive action which can include arbitration or Small Claims Court per eBay's User Agreement.

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