As the movie says,Idiots idiot's. Your customer service is perfect example.

Ordered 2 items mid September car keys and a book. Received g mail confirmation order was received. Checked for delivery update a few days later. Message stated that order was not able to be processed.

I placed order with your competitor and received order in 2 days. Oh you have already deducted funds from my account. Nice. I attempted several times to get information from your customer service associates, used several listed phone numbers to attempt to track my order.

Wasteful over one hour on 2 separate days. No help from you. Thanks. After all of this item showed up 4 days later.

Now that I want to start refund process.Still no item in purchase history.

I need a return authorization within days or credit. The vendor is punished for your incompetence.

User's recommendation: Don't expect much help from Ebay customer service.

Location: North East, Maryland

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