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I've had my account permanently suspended. eBay requested that I look for a message describing the issue and procedures to fix the issue but none was sent.

I talked with an Agent, the transcript is included but I was blocked from all eBay functions and told to contact authorities w/o references to which authorities.

I have been a %100 straight shooter with eBay &;;;;; Paypal for over 23+ years, I support clients who lack computer skills and/or wish to protect there privacy for decades now, and I remove and report clients who intend to take alternative routes that are questionable.

When my account became excessively slow and subjected to excessive login verifications, I tried to OPT out of the manage your payments plan, which I was told by Customer Service was possible I discovered it NO LONGER was possible then Amazon started similar excessive login verifications which were followed by more threats to my e-mail,

On September 16th I was suddenly prompted to provide a Passport or a License to verify my account, I had a scan of both dated Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 1:42:47 PM that I used successfully for various sites verifications request in late August and sent that for my DUFTOPIA account and was rejected 3 times, the last time for clarity.

I pleaded with a number of people in chat on eBay to at least to recover my inventory descriptions for future business purposes but it seems they were instantly destroyed and payments pending were frozen, I was even blocked from getting community help or filing any kind of appeal.

May I ask what procedures I can use to at least recover partially my standing on eBay and my account w/o offense to eBay policy? I am Afraid of trying again and drawing my client accounts into the situation ending ALL my presence on eBay.

Last Message from eBay CS was "You need to contact your state department also with unclaimed property department to get your payouts on eBay."

I've been calling around to dead areass, no replys, no return calls and am totally lost.

ANYONE CAN HELP please contact me

DuAvoid eBay long Term waist of Timef

User's recommendation: Avoid eBay long Term waist of Time.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Ebay Pros: Huge number of categories to be searched, Sapitalist minded, Use to have reasonable rules, Auction bidding structure.

Ebay Cons: No humans to help individual sellers, Exception processing bug profiteering, Acquiesce to buyer predators & hackers, No direct tele contact anymore due to abusive regulations.

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