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All the time. Only contact is by phone that is an experience by itself, could grow several hours older waiting for answer phone.

No email service, only on ebay terms. If you have a hearing problem you are s--t out of luck. Really frustrating when you have a problem with ebay. My theory is it is on purpose, eliminates a lot of responsibility for ebay.


it is my hope that they will increase their customer service to better service to buyers and sellers. xxxxxx xxxx ooooo xxxxx 99999 wwwww xxxx oooo xxxx oooo.

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My experience eBay 100% to blame no progress.Insured a package on eBay, it got damaged in transit.eBay have an electronic link claim form, it is the only way to claim.This link is not operational and has not been for two weeks.The ebay service reps misled me both on the phone and by email without confirmation from the insurers that the only way to claim was via eBay site.I got eBay agency number and reported them to the California Insurance regulator.After 5 attempt I had completely run out of patient with eBay phone and email system and people who had no idea what they were talking about. They will do or say anything other than admit eBay are responsible.I have asked the regulators to revoke eBays insurance agents license. Anyone with similar issues please report them to California Insurance regulators.Reason of review: Damaged or defective.Monetary Loss: $400.Preferred solution: Full refund.

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