This signed Neil Armstrong photograph, listed on eBay, and based on an online opinion from PSA, came back as " LIKELY NOT AUTHENTIC " . This item comes with a Steven Zarelli COA.

It Was Steve Zarelli, who stated on AML that PSA has a " Hair Trigger" on the likely not authentic opinion. So - my next question is -who is right ?

Steve Zarelli is cuter than Steve Grad. I would never want to rub my sword against Steve Grad, but *** Pride Aside, Steve Zarelli just does not match up to Grad's experience, so I have to go with the opinion of PSA.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

  • Steve Zarelli VS PSA on Arm Stro
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Nutley, New Jersey, United States #860980

This is an obvious forgery-makes me wonder. Did Zarelli really authenticate this or did some dumdum print up a fake Zarelli COA to go with the forgery.

to Steve #863811

I am afraid that Mr. Zarelli is the dumdum


Another example of Steve Zarelli's Expertise !!!!!!!


Steve Zarelli has not impressed me. Usually if Steven Zarelli reviewed and gave it a COA then I give it greater scrutiny . He makes mistakes and collectors are going get discouraged upon discovering they have bad material in ,lets say 3-10 years.

to Gerry #847133

I share in your opinion


Zarelli's so-called expertise falls into question when examples like this one surface. I recommend buying from reputable dealers that offer a written guarantee and buy the best items you can afford from such dealers and don't waste $ 100 on a worthless COA and instead spend more on the item and buy from established dealers. Zarelli is not going to refund your money in 5-10 years, in fact the fine print on his COA's have a legal disclaimer.

Buy smart and do not waste money on third party COAs.

Exeter, Rhode Island, United States #831260

I agree that Mr Zarelli's expertize may have been grossly exaggerated and Grad has more experience but don't forget that Grad has some baggage as well. Grad worked closely alongside Bill Mastro for years and now Mastro has been indicted on fraud charges. I don't really care which one is "cuter" and the OP should remove that part of the post.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #827779

Beware of autograph sellers offering a "Certificate of Authenticity". They are absolutely worthless.

If you will fake and autograph you will fake a COA.

Most reputable autograph dealers will not offer COA's but instead offer a lifetime unconditional guarantee. If you are unhappy, simply return the item is the condition it was sold to you.

You will see sellers offering guarantees that run out in 7 days, 10 days, 30 days, etc. That should be unacceptable to you as a buyer.

Some sellers will state that a questionable signature cannot be returned without it being authenticated by an expert. They know that this is VERY expensive to do.

To get a signature authenticated will often run in to hundreds of dollars. These sellers know that no one will go to that trouble for an autograph that was bought for under that amount.

The Universal Autograph Collector's Club (UACC), one of the most - if not THE most respected autograph organizations in the world, have long renounced the use of COA's. Here are a few FAQ's straight from their web site:

Q: Are Certificates of Authenticity endorsed by the UACC? A: The UACC has been very vocal about the fact that Certificates of Authenticity (COA's for short) are totally worthless.

The UACC does not issue COA's and always encourgae collectors to get a signed receipt for merchandise, instead of a COA. Frankly, they aren't worth the paper they are printed on. A COA is only as good as the dealer that has issued it. If you buy from a UACC Registered Dealer and get a receipt, you are following the correct procedure.

Q: I was looking at some items on Ebay, and I saw that an item came with a UACC Certificate of Authenticity. Is that possible? A: No it is not. The UACC does not issue "Certificates of Authenticity" The person selling that item should immediately be reported to Ebay.

Just use common sense when you purchase autographs. Ask the seller questions.

Ask about their return policy. Learn these things up front so you will not be disappointed when your signed item arrives to your doors.


The signature seems to be on part of the flag ! What about the Flag test ?

Utica, New York, United States #814027

PSA does not have a so-called hair trigger on autographs, they are correct most of the time unlike individuals who pass themselves off as experts and cause some collectors to destroy real autographs while causing other collectors to spend good money on fakes. I would trust PSA 100% while giving Steve Zarelli the golden raspberry because he does not have the same training or knowledge as Steve Grad and that is my opinion on the matter

Lubbock, Texas, United States #800256

The Steve Zarelli COA clearly states (in the fine print) that it only presents an "OPINION" . It goes on to to state that Zarelli makes no WARRANTY.

Zarelli's "Credentials" are listed as being a member of the UACC and being a CONSULTANT to an auction. My personal opinion is that AUTHENTICATORS should be Licensed . Zarelli covers himself well with his OPINION and NO WARRANTY disclaimer.

Having stating my opinion on Authentication, I am also very concerned.

I travel to Florida every winter. I visit events at Kennedy Space Center and I have received books and sometimes other items, signed IN PERSON. I sell some of these on eBay and this helps pay for my winter trips. Recently, some of these items have been returned for refund, or in some cases SNAD claims filed.

All of these incidents have been connected to a Zarelli Opinion. Steve Zarelli , in my humble opinion , is ignorant about autographs. I have photographs of my family with John Blaha and yet every item John signed was nixed by a Zarelli Opinion.

I was there and I saw these fine astronauts. This is most frustrating.

As I stated, in my opinion, people like this Zarelli character, should be licensed!

to Gary J. Husband #815309

So the fine print covers his A$$ ! What does PSA have for fine print - if any ? :x

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #799429

In my opinion Steven Zarelli stinks at authentication and it is my opinion that he pulls stuff out of his stuffy head when he can't find a Russ Still thread to get information off of. It is my opinion as a 30 plus year die hard collector that PSA is better qualified than Steve zarelli and comparing Zarelli to PSA is like comparing a child's lemonade stand to Olive Garden because Zarelli is just a old guy sitting at his kitchen table :upset and PSA has experts with formal training and years of experience. :grin

Orlando, Florida, United States #795023

This Zarelli has played THE GAME well and he has many followers He wrote THE FLAG TEST which first was written by Russ still under a different title but with slight variations, nearly "word for word" the same as the one Mr. Still wrote 12 months earlier. The Zarelli version reads about the same, but Zarelli wrote it about a year later.

Fresno, California, United States #794531

It is about time someone complained about this authenticator because he he wrong about 80% of the time !


>>an online opinion from PSA, came back as " LIKELY NOT AUTHENTIC " .<<

..Well then stay away from it. It is either likely fake or it is fake.

Bartlett, New Hampshire, United States #790105

Zarelli reads a lot and much of the information and ideas on his blogs seem to be lifted from Russ Still's writing, sorry. He simply rewrites such information into his own words.

He has a dislike for PSA and that seems obvious. People are eating out of his hand, but I personally do not agree with his opinions at all and I feel better with PSA as far as authentication goes.

I have been collecting autographs since I was ten years old, I am 67 years old.

Autograph collectors today rely far too heavily on the opinions of others and they are too lazy to do their own research. Collectors also collect for many of the wrong reasons.

Timperley, Timperley, United Kingdom #787880

If you take the time to read some of Mr. Zarelli's blogs, you will find that Mr.

Zarelli throws a lot of punches at PSA . At times, Mr. Zarelli, in his criticism, hits PSA below the belt.

Not judging, just stating a fact and if you do not believe me then just google Steve Zarelli and take a good hard look at his blogs and see what this man writes about PSA-DNA .

Hamilton, New York, United States #785014

TWO DIFFERENT AUTHENTICATORS, TWO DIFFERENT OPINIONS. the Key Word here is OPINION. PSA has been around a while and since I am familiar with them then it is my opinion that PSA has the most reliable opinion.

Orlando, Florida, United States #779494

PSA in my opinion is the final word . Zarelli is a self proclaimed expert in my personal opinion and gullible collectors follow him. It is my personal opinion that this is a great autograph to avoid.

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