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Sells broken items, says they're tested and works in one area of the auction then below that says she "doesn't test for ....functionality"

Sends known broken items, then forces you to pay good money after bad to return ship.Offers a token $4 dollars to make you go away, but then also states she doesn't do partial refunds.

Blocks you from future auctions if you give a negative or neutral feedback, that's feedback extortion that falsely inflates her feedback percentage.

Won't photograph what's in an open box, just the box itself, then makes UPS damage claim on an item that was broken before it shipped.Attached picture is one example of many.

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I had a great experience buying from Karensbarn.I bought a jawbone up3 (fitness tracker).

I've also looked at lots of this sellers items and ALL of them explained in their descriptions that the item was tested by powering it on ONLY & that there's a chance it might not be fully functional.A lot of eBay sellers don't even offer returns but Karensbarn does.The fitness tracker I bought did not work properly so I had2 contact them about returning, which they had no prob with & actually offered me a partial refund, which I declined and just sent the item back for a full refund of the price plus initial shipping.I could have gotten my return shipping $ back thru PayPal if I hadn't lost the receipt from the post office (I'm not sure if PayPal still offers this return shipping refund) but I had no problems with this seller..If you're going to buy from them just make sure to read the description really well & realize there is the possibility that the item won't be fully functional.I saw the same info on EVERY listing telling that they sell store returns, so they weren't trying to hide that fact.


If it states returned item then you should know what to expect.Of course the items are cheap priced.

You must be new to ebay because this is the oldest type of ebay hustling there is.Jokes on you.


They sell just what they claim.Returned store merchandise and open box items.

It is a lottery. I have bought hundreds of dollars of items and repaired them myself to full functionality. I have saved myself many $.

Very very pleased with my purchases.Know your full retail price and make a decision if it is a good purchase.


Sends the sweetest responses to emailed complaint problems, but strings you along past ebay deadline for resolution action.Obviously hopes by delaying you will give up.

Does not return phone calls as promised.Ignores the evidence you may send to back up your claim.


Yes. Broken item. They put the blame on freight company.


I've purchased several items, from lights to fans, to musical instruments.Onlyhad one issue with a group of 3 vent fans.....one box was missing some standard hardware.

No big deal.I bought a Les Paul guitar that was absolutely gorgeous, played well, was in fact in better shape than advertised.......


I had same experience with this seller, a lots of item not working at all but listing as tested working condition...


I read all the negative comments below and am a little confused as I have had a great experience buying from her.Granted I only purchased two items so I may have just been lucky.

I bought a gas trimmer that worked perfectly.

I also bought a thermostat that would read 3 degrees different than the actual temperature of the room.I contacted her to return it and she refunded me my money and said not to worry about returning it.


After being ripped off I searched for "karensbarn" only to find that there are others who have been deceived by this ebay seller.

I bought a studio monitor listed as "Brand new, never used, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging." It was clearly a used item, in plastic bag with styrofoam missing, so I returned it.

Now "karensbarn" refused to refund return shipping for "item wrongful described," which is in accordance to eBay's policy.

Research concluded, "karensbarn" is just an ebay username for the real seller, Shorewood Liquidation, Inc., situated at 205 Earl Road, IL.

(that was the address given for the return).Maybe "Karen" is the name of the 'woman' working in the office.

It seem, you will definitely be at the loser's end when there is a problem with any transaction you make with this, not individual, but company.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1347945

Karensbarn is junk.Ordered several things, mostly broke.

They don't check them.They buy damaged goods returned to stores and sell them claiming the boxes are messed up.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1336439

You don't have to pay return shipping for an item that does not match description in the listing.According to eBay, if it is listed as "used" it should be in normal working condition unless otherwise stated.

If not, it should be listed as For Parts or Not Working. This seller will want you to pay return shipping, but you do not have to according to eBay's buyer guarantee. All you have to do is open a case that the item is not as described and this seller will probably still respond that you can ship the item back, but you still do not have to pay for shipping yourself. The case remain open for a few days so that you can work things out with the seller.

If the seller still does not agree to accept the return and pay for a shipping label, you can ask eBay to step in and this will count against the seller. If the seller has enough of these cases where eBay has to step in without a resolution, their account will be suspended.

Please take advantage of your eBay buyer guarantee!Yes, it takes a few days, but this is the process.


Not only crooked but semi-illiterate."Functionality" is a made-up word.

"Function" is sufficient.Poor modern slang like "go missing" (which this crooked seller should do)

Manhattan, New York, United States #1326551

Garbage selling garbage.

Davison, Michigan, United States #1301528

her response is always i'm so sorry.i'm the sorry one.

she is a liar and fails to make it right. I tried very hard to work with her response was always a lie.

do not buy.once you leave negative feed back she bans you from her site.

Morgan Hill, California, United States #1281358

Just got ripped off too. I thought the email and product decription looked a little odd (reminds me of Nigerian scammers) so i did a search and found this site. At least now I know what i'm up against.


Thanks for this site.

I thoroughly agree with the other comments on this site.

I've dealt with KarensBarn repeatedly and I've received 50% junk.

First things first... this isn't some innocent, old, farm wife with a barn. Even though they sign their return messages as "Karen" this is a corporation that you're dealing with and they have a warehouse with many employees, forklifts, docks and bar code scanners, so don't feel pity for dear, old granny.

How could a single person manage to buy, photograph, test, sell, wrap and ship several hundred items per day?

In fact, here are some photos of their warehouse...


There might be some good pieces at KarensBarn, but when they write "Tested/Works" and then later admit that testing was simply "powering them on" those are entirely different things. So, don't trust that "tested/works" in their ad is a guarantee. There are none.

The downside for you? You're going to pay for the original postage to have junk delivered to you and then pay return postage to ship that junk back to them. What do they lose for deceiving someone? Nothing.

... and if you protest with negative or even neutral feedback for having been hoodwinked out of $20 in postage... can you imagine they won't ban you from bidding there again?

KarensBarn does have a purpose.If you're aware that an item doesn't work then you might be happy receiving a broken unit for spare parts, but don't depend on anything that says "tested/works." I can tell you that it most likely won't.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #1265241

Yes, I got caught up in this scam from Karensbarn.Purchased a 6 piece lot of Kwikset locks.

Of the 6 lock sets only 50% worked correctly.

Refused to give me a full refund ith return shipping on her.Beware, this seller is scamming people!

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1266002


I have been buying from her site for over a year.Only twice have there been issues.

1 was missing parts & she did total refund because it was listed wrong. Did not have to return item. Another Lot had one broken when it arrived. She filed the claim with shipper, refunded purchase price that day along with 4.00 on shipping.

Did not have to return balance of items in lot.

She will not do partial refund on lot items & clearly states that on her site.

You have to return entire lot, just like her site says.Her site clearly states RETURNS SHIPPING IS PAID BY BUYER!

to Anonymous #1312769

They state those rules but rip you off in what they sell and how broken it is, then the return shipping is too expensive to effectively return the junk to Karens.

IMO, not an ethical business. I would stay clear of them.

to lee Randolph, New Jersey, United States #1351289

Watch for the muultiple wins under one tracking number.Claims shipped 5 when really only shipped 4, ( usually the most valued win can't be found, she feels terrible), Then claims all delivered and refers to the original tracking number.

eBay then makes you prove you didn't get it..How do you prove a negative? How about they prove they shipped all with individual tracking numbers....


Notify the U.S.Postal Inspectors, this is classic mail fraud. The F.B.I.

also has a department for this type of White collar crime.Take the time and fill out the forms.

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