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Sells broken items, says they're tested and works in one area of the auction then below that says she "doesn't test for ....functionality"

Sends known broken items, then forces you to pay good money after bad to return ship. Offers a token $4 dollars to make you go away, but then also states she doesn't do partial refunds.

Blocks you from future auctions if you give a negative or neutral feedback, that's feedback extortion that falsely inflates her feedback percentage.

Won't photograph what's in an open box, just the box itself, then makes UPS damage claim on an item that was broken before it shipped. Attached picture is one example of many.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I sell on there slibuy site. They stole a expensive gold chain and tell me that they are not responsible for consignment items if lost or stolen Employee theft is encouraged there.

It's a stick up with no gun. They know what they are doing.... but I did not just take it in the rear. I called the attorney general....

and a lawyer. See u in court thief's


In 2015 I got a lot of a Harbor Freight multimaster knock off and a big 1/2 drill with a broken cord for $8. Not a thing was wrong with the multimaster and once I bought some blades to use with it I got some use out of it.

I just taped the cord of the drill and I haven't broken it yet. The multimaster made me some money before I changed jobs and didn't have to do side work anymore. With those kind of auctions, figure you're buying junk and bid accordingly.

It's good, you got lucky. It's not, well at least you didn't spend too much.


I posted a scale for sell. Karensbarn placed a bid and won.

I started 24 to 48 hrs payment must be made after the auction closes. She hasn't responded to any of my messages, she hasn't paid me yet. WTF.

Pay your bill. It's been 5 days now.


Why would you buy from anyone with an ad like that. Make them show all pics you want to see, if they don't/won't, move on.

eBay can't help you after you read the ad and purchased anyway. It is not the responsibility of the delivery service to give you your refund and I'd she tries to get you to do that- it's fraud! Have you even tried calling eBay? Or by chance did you pay with PayPal, they can help too.

My recommendation is to get PayPal first, read each as very carefully, and call eBay I'd you need to. They answer the phone.


I disagree. I had several purchases with Karensbarn and when I had a problem she paid for the return postage and gave me a full refund. She always took care of me and made me a happy satisfied customer.


Most of the items they sell say damaged/broken. Did you expect them to automatically repair themselves during shipment?

@Stanilus Kosovlowski

Not paying attention. They expect brand spanking new items for that low of a price????


You obviously didn’t read the description before you purchased the item. The majority of the product sold from Karen’s barn were returns.


Bought several Items and never had a problem . Zero problem on the one return I had.




You get what you pay for. If you want brand new then go buy retail. Very satisfied customer

Frances M

I paid for something that was advertised as "brand-new," and what I got was a sewage-encrusted, beat up OLD Shop-Vac that wasn't even the same vacuum as the box in which it arrived,with a filter that was absolutely destroyed. I have seen things in dumpsters that look better.

My next door neighbor could smell it from my doorstep, so of course, I could smell it before I opened the box. Typical of Karen Payne, she told me that all of that happened in shipping. Of course, she never gave me a refund, even though I sent her a video of what I'd received, with her stickers all over it. She just apologized, because, apparently, the FedEx guy must have used this beat-up old sewage-encrusted vacuum, and then put it back in the box, and brought it to my house.

Yep, right. Sure, I believe that. Not.

From what I understand from the feedback left for her by other customers, she did the same to me as she did to them, and that is, no matter what the problem is, she blames the shipper, and if she decides to give a refund, she files a claim with the shipper. Where I come from, we call that fraud.


They have a disclaimer. I have bought a few things from them ...

not prefect but no big problems . Wow what a lot of big babies....


This kind of things happening across the board. This is why they have been shut down. Karensbarn was a very shady group that list is things working and sold them clearly broken

Frances M

How would you like it if you received a "brand new" Shop-Vac from karensbarn that was listed as a new store return, that actually look like it have been taken out of the dumpster. The Shop-Vac that that I received wasn't even the same model as that displayed on the box.

The Shop-Vac was beaten up from years of use, and was coated and caked with filth and sewage on the inside. It was so bad, that the air filter was completely destroyed, was covered in sewage, and essentially disintegrated. I'm surprised that I didn't get dysentery cleaning it out. That happened because I'm a big baby?

Oh, did you ever ponder why karensbarn intentionally does NOT take photographs of the items when they're out of the box being tested to ensure that they power on? It would take her two clicks of the camera to photograph the items when out of the box. But she doesn't do that. It's because she knows the contents are either disgusting, broken, or missing.

But the most likely explanation is the karensbarn doesn't even test to see if an item will power up. How would you feel if you paid for 22 shower heads, but were only sent 10, and karensbarn said "too bad?" When you take money from people, and only send them half of what they purchased, where I come from, that's called stealing. Or how would you feel if you purchased 5 light fixtures, and instead, received a box full of smashed glass? Right again!

It was because I'm a big baby! And, the seller, karensbarn, despite having been told by eBay that the United States Postal Service will not ship broken glass because it's hazardous material, still insisted that I send it back with a USPS label. Needless to say, Karen Payne at karensbarn doesn't get to tell me what to do, especially when it violates the rules and regulations of the United States Postal Service. But then again, I'm just a big baby, right?

Oh, and how about receiving box fans that was supposed to be new, that stopped working almost immediately? I sent a video to eBay, PayPal, and that pillar of the community, karensbarn, demonstrating plug in the fan into an electrical outlet, while plugging other appliances into the same electrical to show that everything else works, except of course for the fan, and was refused a refund. PayPal finally came through with their guarantee 3 months later. That was a fun process.

Yep, this must have all happened because I'm a big baby. Thank you for pointing out that when an operation like karensbarn steals from me, that it's just because I'm a big baby. Thank you for clarifying that. By the way...

Karensbarn used to list nearly 3,000 items for auction every single month. She got shut down a couple of weeks after I filed a three-page formal complaint, and I imagine a lot of others did so too. I like to think that I am a part of the fact that she was banned from trading on eBay.

To coin a phrase...bwahahahahaha. Hugs and kisses, Just a Big Baby

@Frances M

Karens barn is up & running. they are under the name of shorewood liquidators.

Have there own web site so E .Bay cannot shut them down. They are doing the same thing REFUSING TO ANSWER PHONE CALL'S AN E MAIL'S & WHEN YOU ASK FOR A REFUND THEY SHUT YOU DOWN. Or they tell you they will file a UPS damage claim for you.

They no the item was not damage by UPS They sell an item as new other that is totally destroyed with a picture of on the good side. You enlarge the photo then you see the real damage cannot repair it at all


This business ("karensbarn") is a straight up criminal organization and should be blocked / blanned by eBay and indicted by the Illinois Attorney General. As every commentor / poster on this site has stated or confirmed--this company lists items for sale on eBay that are missing parts, broken, or both.

They offer a "full refund" but that certainly doesn't cover the time spent / wasted / lost dealing with their fraud. If you list a light fixture on eBay with only a photo of the exterior of the box--the absolute underlying assumption by ALL bidders / buyers is that they will receive that light fixture--in full--if they buy it / win the auction. I won ebay auctions on 2 lots of (3) light fixtures EVERY SINGLE fixture I was sent was either missing parts--or had broken parts. That's six out of six--100% failure rate.

They sold / mailed me a 3 light vanity that did not have a SINGLE glass shade in the box... out of THREE. Not broken--completely missing. Their reply?

"We don't look inside the boxes before we list / sell the items... it takes too much time." Really? That's odd. Because it literally too me less than 2 minutes to determine that parts were missing from the boxes.

2 minutes or less.

But it took me 2 HOURS to open a case w/ eBay, sent multiple emails, drive to the post office, stand in line, and mail the boxes back to these *** If there ever was a RICO case to be made--Karens Barn certainly should qualify as a criminal gang. I can't even imagine how many eBay members they have ripped off--stealing either mine, time--or both.


To all that have dealt with Karen's Barn in the past------this is a warehouse setup in Shorewood, IL., NOT an individual person selling items on Ebay. This outfit, like SLI.Com, share common warehouse floor space, selling damaged store returns, open box shelf pulls, and discontinued merchandise.

As such, the people working there WILL NOT LOOK in open boxes ( I had my frustrating 3 emails over that score!). What you will get is (frustrated) "boiler-plate" responses to your inquires. Keep in mind the "warehouse mentality " of the workers and you will be less irritated. The auction text for every auction clearly states the condition of the items, in terms that are less than what you are accustomed to.

You have to read into the words and decide if the item is really worth the risk of shipping (returns), purchase, etc. Of the 4 items I purchased, 3 functioned perfectly. 1 was damaged. Luckily for me, I live 22 miles from the warehouse and was able to drive back and get a full refund for the damaged item.

(which was an open box item they refused to remove from the box and tell me IF there was any damage to the product)!!

Make better choices by reading every word in the auction text, to prevent yourself from the stress. Pballnut1 (I have been buying & selling on Ebay since 2001)


This is what's happening right now, 8/10/2018, for those interested: New message from: karensbarn (183,547RedShooting Star) Hello, Thank you for your message. I currently am listing my items on a different site, due to eBay's policy I can not disclose the site name.

I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, thank you for baring with me at this time. Kind regards, Karen

Frances M


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