I received an email stating that I've updated my eBay account and that my account was locked or suspended due to overdue accounts. I went to the website and couldn't log into my account due to the wrong password, but my username was still the same.

When I tried to reset my password and noticed that my email and phone number was changed to someone's else. That's when I called Ebay, and they told me this person was getting customers money, but not sending products using my email address to do it. I usually buy things from sellers on eBay, but I haven't done that in about 4 years. The Lord thy God will deal with them.

I pray that they change their ways for the better. I've decided to close the account and would never buy anything from the company again, but I do appreciate their help.

User's recommendation: My recommendation for future customers is always pay attention to your account even if you haven't used it in a while. Close it if necessary and always check your credit as well.

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

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