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I won an auction on eBay and pay immediately but the Seller doesn't like the price and doesnt want to send the item. He did refund the money and he places the item back online to get a better price.

I explained this to eBay but they did not do anything... support gives ridiculous answers and gives no feedback. The Seller did not reactie at All. Incredible that eBay did nothing to stop the Seller and the reoffering of the item I won.

If this is possible on eBay bidding does not make sense anymore... If you are not happy with the price you just put it back online.

Review about: Ebay Marketplace.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Do something against these sellers.

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There is insider bidding going on with some ebay sellers. I f the highest bids is not high enough for the seller there is a last minute outbid d and guess what the seller tries to resell the item at a much higher price.

I am asking ebay to resolve the issue. If they fail to, I will quit ebay.

To quote P/T. Barnum, there is an dishonest seller born every minute.


eBay has lost at least 2 separate CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS filed by Sellers on eBay. See?

WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS OF EBAY! People who buy from us are our customers. Ebay's guarantee should read, "IF YOU'RE NOT HAPPY FOR ANY REASON (THERE NEVER ARE) OR EXCUSE, EBAY WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK BY FORCING THE SELLER TO GIVE IT BACK." eBay does not have a guarantee. The little blurb they use to lure consumers to shop on eBay doesn't exist.

eBay has been getting away with what they did when they had to pay back all the sellers for being treated like crap! Also, PayPal and eBay were required to split in another CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, but guess what? PayPal does whatever eBay tells them to do. There is no investigation by PayPal, a separate monetary institution who you have signed a contract to use as a third party to pay for all transactions on eBay.

How the *** is that "separate"?!! THE RICO ACT eBay was accused of back then is happening all over again!! Now, let's go to the BBB of California who is supposed to be a mediator between the consumer and the company. Regardless what you filed in your complaint, if eBay responds by sending a recipe or copying a policy, the BBB accepts this as a response.

Then your case gets closed with you stuck with eBay's problems and the BBB turns off the lights. Our last option? Is there one?! I filed the same complaint with the Attorney General's Office and sent all the documentation I had that explains what happened by itself.

I will update this post when I hear back from the AG. In the meantime Ebay is getting away with the exact behavior that brought the first CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. We all need to complain to the BBB and the Attorney General's Office of California so we can be heard as a group. No matter if you are a buyer or a seller, eBay has done something that makes no sense at all, that's called nonsense.

Lastly, let's talk about eBay's buyer protection guarantee.

What guarantee is that? If something goes wrong eBay will find the seller or buyer at fault, and eBay pays gets off the hook leaving the buyer or the seller to pay for eBay's decisions, as long as they're not the one paying.

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