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Let's refresh everybody memory. Who is Topnewbook and myhappybook?

No other than ebay seller Topsignedbooks registered under the name Leopold Lesnik from Los Angeles, CA. The same scammer who sold 98 fake signed Bruce Springsteen books and 49 fake signed Carrie Fisher signed books to his customers under his old account name Topsignedbooks with a low rating of 93% after many complaints. Now return back 100% after 12 months have pass and all the negative reviews disappear. He have since changed to Topnewbooks and created a second account myhappybook.

Under this account he still continue to sell fake signed John Carpenter books and stop selling Dave Grohl's mom Virginia Grohl signed book when people find out Dave Grohl did not signed the book at her book signing. In fact he never did. Again, Leo forged his signature onto the book. His account is in private mode so you don't see the scam he's pulling on his customers.

He's a cheating lying con artist. I post his mugshot if anyone know him and was a victim. Report to ebay.

Report to the police. Don't let him get away with it

Product or Service Mentioned: Ebay Marketplace.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: banned the seller off ebay asap.

Ebay Pros: Just a rip off company.

Ebay Cons: His lying, Deception practices.

  • Scam
  • Myhappybook
  • Book Forger
  • Topnewbooks
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This guy is forging Kobe Bryant books on his ebay account


This idiot try to sell me a fake signed kobe book. Told him it's not same one as shown in the picture. Bait and switch scam

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