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I have been bidding on knives on your site.Every time that I bid it immediately bids 50 cents higher before I even get my finger off the enter button, and don't tell me I hit the enter button twice because it would still be in my name instead of, you have been outbid. What you are doing or allowing to happen is considered by me to be consumer bid rigging.It is in excusable and has finally driven me away, as I hope others realize what is happening and it drives them away also.

I think bid rigging comes with a stiff penalty, as I have been reading about such matters from EBAY's past.

The fact Ebay allows it to continue, means Ebay is just as guilty. DONE.

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Before you placed your bid, someone else placed a bid with a higher maximum, thus the increment was triggered when you hit the "enter" button. That's how these auctions work. This is not an instance of bid rigging.

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