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This very inexperienced seller claims I tried to pull a fast one on him. I ordered 10 Mission pulls with backplates last year. I just noticed he had the gall to slander me with viscous lies on here, so I am here to tell what really happened in a nutshell.

I ordered what was pictured in the listing. I read the listing and it did NOT state that any part of what was pictured would not be included. When I received the pulls, I only got the backplates. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and asked if he just forgot to put them in the package. He said they were not included. I said to please re-read his listing and get back to me. He came back and said, "do you think you should receive the hand that is holding the pulls too?" (so sarcastically professional!). I said, "no, just what I ordered, please."

I sent him pictures of what I received and compared them to his picture; clearly they were not the same. I finally realized I was getting nowhere and went to Ebay for help. I open a case and won, well, at least that is what Ebay told me. His story is different.

I offered to send them back, at HIS expense as it was HIS error. He didn't like that at all.

So, they sit in my garage, collecting dust.

Please see the picture below. Would you expect to receive what is there (not including the hand, of course, geez) or would you expect to receive the backplate only, with no pull? Honestly!

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The buyer is that scammer "jens4jesus" if you google that you get the big picture.


It's not slander, because what the seller reported about you is true & accurate. Also if you Google this kind of hardware, all the sellers sell it separately- look at homedecorehardware dot com.

Exactly the same. It shows how the handle goes on the backplate. You add them to your cart separately. And this seller is still selling these with the same photo- it says BACKPLATE ONLY with another picture of the plate only in it's original package which does not have a knob in the sealed factory bag.

They have separate upc codes. Obviously the rest of the buying public expects to buy backplate separately from knob, as both the manufacturer and the entire industry markets them that way.

It was entirely YOUR error that you immaturely will not accept. You owe this seller an apology.


You are totally full of ***. You are the bully here.

The listing was clear, several other people bought them & understood it was only the backplates, the photo you took out of context above was only to illustrate how to install them. You are just covering up a scam & retaliating because you got reported. Ebay found it was a case of feedback extortion. You tried to get something for free by distorting and misinterpreting the listing.

You were invited to return it & failed to do so. Ebay did not find against the seller in your case. Other sellers complained about you doing the same thing!!!!

Retrorogue has 20 years experience & a fantastic reputation as a watch dog for internet scams & whistleblower. He's a moderator on the collectibles forums.

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