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I want a refund on a recent purchase of an S10 plus that the seller cannot provide. I tried to order a black S10 plus phone which they said that they had one more available and they did not they waited until the date after the order was supposed to be received at the destination then to tell me that they did not have that color then they offered me do I want any other color so I picked another color and they responded the next day and said that color is not available do I want two more colors and I do not want them I just want my refund and this whole process is a bunch of BS because it sure doesn't take that long to deduct your money from your credit card but they sure want to slow play a person on issuing their refund and making the whole process very difficult

User's recommendation: I recommend that people always double-check to make sure that the product you want is available before you order.

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

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