I was told from ebay the fake plastic Jordan slides will be pickup an never happened then called again see why then I ask drop off FedEx that bull no return label un unbelieveable then I call back again with bc I was told seller did everything thing no refund after a month of running around bs I card my credit card explain the same thin I just want my hard earned money back 90 buck for unsatisfied customer this is not right where is my PROTECTION Ebay lies I WANT MY REFUND AN SEND RETURN LABEL THAT IT FROM DAY 1 . I DONT LIKE THIS NOT RIGHT AT ALL .FAKE SLIDES PLASTIC SHOULD BE ASHAME EBAY TO LET SOMEONE SELL $1 SHOW I WOULD NOT BY OR SELL TO ANYONE BC GIVE ME MY REFUND THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN PROMISE YOU THAT

Location: Mesquite, Texas

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