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A few days ago i attempted to purchase a briggs and stratton riding mower engine, from a guy on Ebay. It kept bouncing back saying they couldnt accept my form of payment.

My credit card has unlimited credit. So i tried it again. Still wouldnt complete the sale. I called the credit card company and they checked it out for me.

They even tried to run it through on their end. Still wouldnt go through. They told me the sellers account looked suspect. And they advised me not to run my card for that item again, for my own safety.

Now im getting invoices that look supect and messeges from this lowlife on ebay telling me i have to pay $548.00 and this Pansy Moron opened a didnt pay case on me through ebay. It doesnt matter that the transaction wouldnt go through and my bank checked it out and informed me the issue was his account. Now he wants me to pay. *** no.

I dont care who he runs and tells or whatever, im not buying his crap. Ebay can ban me for all i care. And ive purchased alot of items from ebay, and have never had any problems. I have a perfect buying reputation.

But im about tired of ebay anyways. Alot of sellers on there will lie to people anyways. For example this has happened to me several times, an item im about to purchase will say the seller doesnt ship to P.O. Boxes, so ill put my home address so they ship only UPS.

but when i get my confirmation that the item has shipped it ships USPS. then when the item reaches my local Post Office, they send it back to seller as wrong address. So yea im sick of ebay. Beware of the Moron on ebay thats ending invoices.

His seller name is randysenginerepair.

Randy??? The name fits his pansy, tattletale ***

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"pansy" LOL... Look at you and your old back in the day, high school when you peaked insult.

You sound so stupid it's beyond description. What kind of REAL man would whine about not being able to buy a lawn mower with his unlimited (compensatory phallic symbol) credit card balance. My guess without knowing you're the crazy relative that everyone hopes doesn't show up to an event.

The second you do, it's as if a cloud of negativity descends on the room. I imagine that cloud will lift the second you're in the ground...


Ok you're banned and i will make sure you never do business with us again... You can either pay for the item or i will put this on your credit report..

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