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I purchased the crane listed below and paid, including the p & p £6.75.

The item did not arrive on the two days, stated, Friday and Saturday, on the Monday a card was handed to me dated 04/09/21, saying no postage had been paid on parcel, to receive it I would have to pay £9.50?

Upon contacting the seller he denied that there was a problem, because he had paid £8.75 at the post office, your dept. notified us if the problem was not sorted by the 10/09/21 you would refund us!

(For some reason, a refund from you, was credited to my card, on the 09/09/21?) On the 09/09/21. With nothing from the seller, him saying we were not responding to his emails, (I had sent copies of the card 4 times, with other communications, ref; money due etc; etc;) I paid the post office bill, to get the parcel, before it was returned, to seller. Since then the seller, a couple of times, has contacted to ask how we were going to repay him, minus the extra postage, which works out to be £32.25! I could not find a way on your site to deal with this, for him, plus having read what your actions are, when there are problems, I asked him what was it he want from us, he asked if we had his address, (which was smeared, in felt tip, on the reverse of the parcel), so I could send a cheque?

I asked for his clearer details/address, and name to add to the cheque.

This was three days ago, I havent had any reply yet!

Its getting beyond anyones patience now, dont you think!

Regards. Mark

Location: Bath, England

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