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There are two organizations trying to get eBay to respond. From what I know about the on-line Shyster company, just don't waste you time. They won't respond to anything that will put them in a negative light

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On March 5, I purchased an advertised CHEVROLET HHR 4 LAYER WATERPROOF CAR COVER from an Ebay approved seller known as AutoArmourCovers.com; a “Porsche Owner Approved Company” for $42.30! I received a thin tissue paper quality cover which was neither waterproof, dustproof nor protected against UV rays. Within 2 weeks it started ripping at all the stress points. Between Ebay and the seller we exchanged 8 emails. I sent them photos including where my wife was painstakingly trying to sew the holes together. Naturally I got the typical run-around. The seller kept requesting more information while Ebay referred me to their so called Resolution Center. The seller dragged out the communications past 45 days which disqualified me from Ebay’s “Buyers Protection Plan”! The Resolution Center had the patented “We’ll get back to you” response.

Long story short; the seller agreed to let me return the cover IN ORIGINAL CONDITION within 60 days of the sold date. That email came on day 61. On May 7, two weeks after the 45 day Buyer Protection Plan deadline expired, Ebay sent me a “Case Closed” notice. Their explanation…I opened the case AFTER the 45 day expiration. That being the case, why didn’t the super smart personnel at Ebay tell me this when I opened the case instead of wasting my time until it was too late?

If you type “Ebay Complaints” into Google you’ll immediately find out what kind of organization it is. From what I read, they treat their sellers in the same irresponsible way as they do the buyers. If you go to AutoArmourCovers.com you’ll find their ‘support’ consists of a single email address that nobody monitors. Halfway down their homepage you’ll find one line in big letters stating LIFETIME WARRANTY. Right below that is printed 3 YEAR WARRANTY. Your guess!

Bottom line:

Ebay is an Internet organization where scammers and conmen have perfected the art of avoiding Ebay’s Buyers Protection scheme but gives the buyer just enough confidence to give it a try. You’d think they’d learn something from Amazon. CONSUMER BEWARE!

Monetary Loss: $42.

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Every car cover we have bought seems to be that paper type stuff. I guess a really good cover would cost the same as those carports you can get at Costco!


At this point your time is valuable too. How many hours do you work to make $ 42 ?

Yes they are sell cheap stuff. Sewing it will give you 6 -12 months more then buy a better one on AMAZON or at a local store


Hey, mi amigo, all you have to do is type ebay Reviews in Google and you will see everything from customer complaints and awful reviews and comments to employee's bad mouthing their company. So many unhappy people can't be wrong.

You mi amigo belong on ebay! Been to Murrieta lately?


I've sold on ebay since 1999 and have had several cases decided through both ebay's and PayPal's respective resolution centers and have always been generally satisfied. Whining about rules and caveats after the fact rather than familiarizing yourself with ebay protection policies right when you received such a poor item is your own fault mi amigo and no one elses...

Eric H

Which makes my point about sellers on Ebay, false advertising, etc. Go to AutoArmourCovers.com and you'll see what I mean. My wife got a Fleece Lined VW cover from another site for $49.95 but they didn't have one for an HHR.

Ebay already pulled my post, naturally. They only show the 'good' side of their business. Too bad most people already know there isn't one.


You get what you pay for, $42.30 for a car cover, what did you think you were getting?

The price should have told you it was junk.

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