Reston, Virginia

I choose not to go in to a lot of specifics, however, I believe the customer service at Ebay is truly non-effective.

Their rules/regulations are very fluid and what holds true for one seller is not for another. To contact them is not impossible, but information has rarely if ever satisfactory.

You can speak to one representative and are told one thing and speak to 5 others about the same concern and receive completely different responses. Therefore, the outcome depends totally on which response you want to believe.

I have been very disappointed with Ebay on the customer service side.

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Ebay has one of the worse customer services I have encountered.

Every person at customer service is rude, they interrupt you at every opportunity they have, they wont answer some questions, they lack basic training, and if you ask the same question to 5 representatives, they will all give you different answers.



EBAY IS FULL OF SCAMS. I bought a wedding dress, wasn't as expected and because the delivery for the dress was approx 6 weeks I couldn't open a case against the seller.

Ohh I forget to tell that the dress was sent back and the seller ignored me totally. Ther seller id is ainideren_555 and is a big scammer.

I wish I could suit e-bay because I couldn't even live a feedback and they never sent me a respond to my complain. NEVER EVER WILL BUY ON EBAY ANYMORE.


right you are. it's totally true.


hi, i very molest. i bay last week , where my orden i pay last week too. ebay poor customer service, my orden is260664347766