I ordered an item at the beginning of June and the item never came. I first contacted the seller and when I got no reply from them I contacted eBay.

eBay decided in my favor on August 11th that I would get a full refund for the item I never received. That's a great thing right? Well I did get a refund from eBay but it wasn't for the full amount that it was supposed to be. I have called them several times and they tried to tell me my PayPal account was unconfirmed and that it was a PayPal issue now.

Well obviously this was crap because I had no problem getting the partial refund they sent. So needless to say I am still waiting on the last part of my refund.

So now I am back to dealing with eBay's favorite quote: "It will be there in 7-10 business days" which I have heard a few times already dealing with this matter. This matter and their inability to do things correctly is getting very very old.

So now

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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