Hi use extreme caution when selling via Ebay, My sons g/f was selling a ring and got a sob story e-mail and when auction ended with reserve not being met she contacted lady to offer her the ring. So money was supposedly sent via paypal, as she was leaving to go to Post office I stopped her, good thing I did, we checked no money at paypal, we did not send ring, 5 days now still no money, paypal is useless, we got the runaround, and all the *** they spew as being there to help.

So beware make sur money is there before sending item

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novice! paypal the only way to receive and send money to private partys


Oddly enough ebay warns both sellers and buyers about outside agreements --to be careful. However, every seller I have had offer me items after auction were of low price such as quilt squares etc.

Their ratings were good. However in my entire years of using Ebay when collecting antique china from both America and England no seller ever sent me my goods until the Paypal funds reached them. And I don't blame them. the only time it became nasty is when I had bought something and then went into hospital with seizures and coma next day.

Seller reported me. I protested and sent evidence. All was finally resolved. I try to be honest and hope my sellers are.

However, I would never plan to buy something that is suppose to be of absolute quality such as a diamond on line.

I have bought a ring, but got just what I expected of the opal and diamond. So far have always had honest sellers.

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