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New Marantz AV receiver for $1600.The unit had a bad circuit board.

The 3 year warranty was void because they are not a certified dealer! Seller would not take it back (even with the 25% re-packing fee +shipping) because I ran the firmware update (this voids the 14 return guarantee even though this was not explained in the return policy). Tried to leave neg feedback on seller with perfect record. eBay took down the neg review because the seller did not have to take back the product or inform me that the warranty is void on purchase!

Call the Manufacturer company before you buy any expensive electronic product to check if the warranty will be honored.It will not!

This reviewer shared experience about warranty issue and wants this business to "pass regulation to require internet sellers to clearly state the warranty and refund policy. state that firmware/software update voids the refund policy!" as the author lost $500. This person is overall dissatisfied with Ebay. The most disappointing about marantz av receiver at Ebay was no protection for buyer Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I agree they know exactly what they are doing & so does Pay Pal now its time to pay the "Piper" EBAY & Pay Pal.

You can see two documents that show what EBAY has done just to make money.

I agree EBAY has gotten so bad that they have actually changed "Feedback" scores to "Positive" that are "Negative" just to get more of there favorite color "GREEN" & there favorite artwork $ you can see this on post review #591638 on this site Pissed Consumer.

Absolutely unbelievable at what "Crooked Corporate America" will do just to make there favorite color "GREEN" & there favorite artwork $.

There is a clip with green snakes on You Tube about that tell the story not to mention actual documents showing how "Crooked" & "Evil" they are.Pay Pal & GE Capital Retail Bank now Synchrony Bank are being investigated by The United States Postal Inspector for using the mail to "Defraud" the consumer out of Billions of dollars in "Bogus" late fees amongst other fees.

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