This Armstrong signature is an obvious example of a Shawn Jackson hand drawn forgery from 22-25 years ago. Anyone who authenticated this would be lacking in experience.

eBay item number:290811659352

I have seen dozens of these forgeries and they are very obvious to the eye of the experienced collector. Ebay is quick to remove fake or alleged fakes. This one should be removed from eBay.

Shawn Jackson forged these in 1989-1991 in this style. Notice the dot marks where he stopped with his pen. The strokes do not stop naturally because the signature has been drawn and not written. This is not a genuine Armstrong Autograph.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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Cocoa Beach, Florida, United States #1341181

I have seen a few examples this particular forgery.


anyone buying "authentic" autographs on eBay is mentally challenged and deserves what they get


Horrible Example and very poorly drawn forgery indeed !


This is a STEVE ZARELLI beauty ! Zarelli Authenticated this obvious bogus signature :grin

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