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EBay is suing Amazon over an alleged “scheme” to steal its top sellers . We all have had our issues with Ebay .

Fax Amazon legal dept 206-266-7010 to testify against Ebay and its fraudulent sellers . I have been with Amazon as a buyer since 2009 & Ebay 2010 . I've had issues with both . My issues with Amazon took time but the problem was resolved .

Unlike Ebay there is fraudulent activity between the buyer & Ebay . I bought a defective item in Nov 2018 Ebay emailed me a non useable tracking label to exchange the item . All I wanted was an exchange I couldn't use the mailing label so I returned the item back regularly but kept my receipt - package ID # . I still have the receipt with sellers name on it but Ebay treats its buyers as if were deceitful .

I didn't have a tracking number but I had the receipt so in total I lost $18 . I know the seller receive the package returned but they lied and said they didn't .

Product or Service Mentioned: Ebay Customer Care.

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Actually I have used E bay for 15 years and although I have had a few problems over the years, I NEVER had anything like the experience I just had selling on this new website called Poshmark. I've only sold once and this was my first (and last) dealing with the WORST buying and selling website online.

I guess I should have known when they tell you you have to send your merchandise first BEFORE you receive your payment. That's the FIRST tip off. Then comes the hassel of your life. The buyer complains about the $600, like new, once worn shoes being sold by you for $35.

and yes, files a case. And says nothing about when I'll get my shoes back. Believe me it's would have been a lot harder to return $600. than $35, but I haven't received any payment yet.


I havent heard from them since. Whaaa???

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