Yes as a 77 year old senior customer with some handicaps, like cellphone technology, and inability to understand English language accent of rep!!!! Conversation with him was difficult from the beginning!!!

I listened for the name he gave and couldn't understand who I was speaking with about my problem of not receiving my order yet, when the site I ordered from said order delivered!! The other reason was I wasn't receiving Email notifications from eBay. I figured that I hadn't updated my Email address to the one I use now, so I gave my current email to him and he took me down a long road of smart phone 101 and apps that I couldn't understand even though I put forth the effort!!! His foreign dialect and demanding demeanor turned me off!!

The breaking point for me was when security alerts popped up on my screen and he kept DEMANDING that I poke the accept box and the alert asking me if I trusted what and who I was dealing with!! That was enough for me!! It wasn't worth it to me to continue with him even after I ask to speak with a rep who spoke English I could better understand!!! I hungup thiasknging he wasn't for real and probably a scammer from another country!!

F.Y.I. my order was received the next day!!


User's recommendation: If customer speaks ENGLISH, Then request a fluent English speaking rep to talk too!!peaking.

Location: South Jordan, Utah

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