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A few weeks ago, I bought from a seller on eBay, who I trusted, and bought from. I bought HAUNTED PSYCHOKINESIS RING MOVE MATTER WITH YOUR MIND! from her, for fifty dollars, thinking it would work. When I got it... NOTHING!

I tried messaging her about that it didn't work and I needed help with it to make it work, but she never responded.

I then opened a case in the Resolution Center on eBay, told them it was fake, said I messaged her, said I wanted my money back (she claims to give "30 days money back guarantee".) She then responded to the case, and here is what she said: "I have received your message about the item. You may return the item for a full guarantee."

I then asked her for the return address for her, to return it, but she never responded. Although she claims 30 days guarantee.


Hope this was useful!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Hey, I've got some heavy furniture that needs to be moved.Keep practicing and when you get that ring working, I could use your help.


I think $50 is a small price to pay to find out how dumb you are. Got off cheap.

Athens, Illinois, United States #276142

I'm sorry.Did you seriously believe that a piece of jewelry would endow you with the ability to move things with your mind?


:grin :grin


LOL, you're an ***.You bought a ring expecting to be able to move matter with your mind, then you reported it as being fake because it didn't work?!


Oh my god, you are the type of consumer that would buy x-ray glasses out of the back of a comic book and would then complain because your $5 x-ray glasses are fake.

Did you really think you could buy a ring that would give you the force from star wars?You're a fool, what else have you bought from ebay?


haha why would you even waste money on such a thing


Nevermind these two trolls, they did you wrong and thanks for posting and letting us know.


Ditto on what usmc said. LOL


Your dumb as a bag of nails to buy such a product.

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