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I bought an unlocked phone out of China. The 3G bands were 900/2100 which are the wrong bands for USA.

This phone would work in the EU, the phone should not even have been for sale in USA. Returned next day for credit via USPS, transit time back to China was longer than the 14 day return period. eBay closed my case without a refund because the transit time exceeded the Money Back Guarantee period, so the seller got the phone returned, my money and the USPS got the return shipping fee. I got the shaft.

I have entered this complaint because many (most) of the phones from China are not the correct bands for the USA.

All USA buyers should be aware of what could be perceived as a scam. eBay is allowing these items to be sold and through their policies perhaps a claim could be made that they support the transactions.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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