I started my eBay account about 2 years ago to buy some things whilst I'm living overseas in Japan. I have 100% positive feedback, and have never had any issues with buyers or sellers. Just today I decided to list some items for sale (music posters and calendars, all official goods, not bootlegs or knockoffs, and not adult oriented or even questionable) and not 5 minutes after the last item was listed, they were all removed and I was sent the dreaded MC999 Account Suspension e-mail.

I was given NO information as to why, and when I asked, was told that my account was suspended for being a "security risk", and that I had no recourse to appeal. WTF is that supposed to mean? A security risk? WTF. I had no idea that buying the occasional pair of tights, or trying to sell ten posters made me a terrorist.

I'm so sick of eBay's *** anyway -- charging fees on people's shipping costs now? Monopolizing PayPal and forcing sellers to use it whilst charging fees there as well? Forget it. I'm done with them.

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eBay suspended me without a rhyme or reason. They didn't bother to give me a clean explanation.

They just raped me and kicked me to the curb.

Not only that, their support reps offer no guidance when trying to get your account reinstated. They would just hang up on me.

Sucks, even being a member for over 5 years doesn't mean anything to them.

I had to use the help of Auction Essistance to help me get back to selling.

Santa Paula, California, United States #952541

eBay will never give you the actual reason on why they suspended you. The best bet is to create or use another account and get back to selling. Trying to get the account reinstated is more a waste of time and a headache with them.

Bay City, Michigan, United States #620106

Well, it's their business and if they don't like someone for whatever reason, they can do as they wish. I suspect you can survive without going to ebay.

to nikalseyn Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #621393

you sound like an ebay sympathizer nik. scary.

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