I am Wasantha Kumara I'm been doing very good business on ebay for about a year now. Also, arrangements were made to deliver the goods properly to the customer.

But two customers were delayed in receiving the goods due to the prevailing health conditions in the country. I informed the customer about this and delivered all the goods. But around June, my computer system was hacked and the data changed. For this reason, he also accessed my ebay account, changed my data and placed it under his control.

For this reason my ebay account (wkuna-65) He has used and sold batteries. He changed my account data to email janithsilva289@***.com. He got the money from the sale of these batteries using 6 paypal accounts. These are paypal account When I later found out about the leak I tried to log back into the account but it was not possible.

So I contacted ebay and made arrangements to get the account back. But when I got it back, I had a problem with mc011. Consumers who bought batteries also had problems. Also, the money in my paypal account was used as a refund by the customers.

This problem also cost me a lot of money. I also lost the account I had to run my business. I have already provided all the documents required for this mc011 restricted to ebay. But it is still too late because of this consumer problem.

If there is a refund only for the customer who has notified me, I will give the money or goods to this customer as this is the business of the person who came to my account without permission as I do not have the money to return it. If I am allowed to do so, I will pay the customer for the goods sold in the future. I request that it be done on ebay or in connection with.

In view of this, I request that my account be re-set up to run the business. Thank you

Location: Dehiwala, Western Province

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