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I purchased 3 identical fans from this seller. When they arrived i opened one of the boxes and everything appeared to be fine. I then opened the second box and in the box was a pile of fan parts. The main housing had been removed and 4 main wires were disconnected. There was no speed controller, no outlet face plate, no mounting hardware, just a pile of dismanteled unusable junk. Karen advertised it as "new (other)" an open box item. As usual she represented she had inspected it and it was "in good condition and complete". A blind person could see this was not complete. This fan should have been listed as "parts only". I contacted Karen immediately and she started with her fake "oh dear" routine. I sent photos. After several exchanges Karen decides to blame UPS and tries to get me in on her lies. After i told her UPS did not damage the fan unless they opened the box and tore it apart and removed pieces. While nothing is impossible, the UPS scenerio is highly unlikely. Needless to say her tone changed and she offered me 10% of the purchase price not including her $8.95 shipping.

I have seen comments about contacting the Illinois Attorney General and i believe that is what everyone should do. If they get enough complaints they may open an investigation. You dont get much redress from Ebay as a buyer. All i want is a replacement fan or a refund including the return shipping (karen should have to pay that as a result of her clear and intentional misrepresentations).

As buyers we have to rely on her representations as most of the time all she posts are photos of boxes.

I started the return process so everyone please be aware Karen may well put this fan back in circulation for bidding.

The photos would make any sensible person irrate. But for Karen it is just business as usual.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Decorators Collection Ceiling Fan.

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