For 4days i tried to solve

A problem with a smoke and carbon dioxide combined and i receive a carbon monoxide alarm with its not the same and either the price witch it s not the same much cheaper i contact the vendor a lot of time 1 didnt believe ne

2 that i have not purchase

Even ebay help didn t not helping at all they said he was a good vendor . When this guy

Didn t send me what i ask for

And told me i make no purchase that item when its on my statement of my masrercard paid at $25.51 usd

Sept 5 2021

For four days it was *** to solve my problem then i finally get somebody at the fraud departement who find my purchase that i suposely necer done from the vendor and transfer me to somebody at ebay that finally could explain my case

Di you think it a way to treated existing customer this way

Its a shamefrom e bay to do so

Yea i am pissed off the wat your treated me and it wii be my last purchase at ebay

And if people ask me experience at ebay it s wont be good believe me

Your never should cancel your phone number because ebayhelp its completely rotten

Bruce Enea ex customer from ebay

Bravo you just lost a customer!

User's recommendation: Never bought anything to ebay.

Location: Sainte-Adele, Quebec

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