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Betcha never heard this one yet. I am a buyer and a seller on eBay.

Yes, eBay always favors the Buyer regardless of the circumstances then they do not have to use their Buyer Protection program. Here's the scenario. I am the buyer of two small tin friction cars. I pay immediately.

THIS IS ALL A BUYER NEEDS TO DO. THE SELLER MUST LEAVE THEM A POSITIVE FEEDBACK. But listen to what this seller did to me. The two items weighed under 15 oz and I was charged over $10 to have it mailed.

I know how much it cost; I can read and I agreed to it. But the shipping was too high. My feedback: "Everything was perfect except the shipping was too high". Seller feedback: "Buyer COMPLAINED that shipping was too high and it actually cost that much to mail the package." I do not dispute that she used a USPS medium size box to ship these items and the cost is right there; I have no complaints about how she shipped the item, just that it cost too much.

When I contacted her to ask how could she leave me a positive feedback and negative comments she said, "I want everyone to know who they're dealing with!" Okay. So I emailed her back and explained why the postage was too high and as a seller with 800 positive feedback had good luck re-using boxes, bubble envelopes, packing that others have used to ship me items. I was suspended as the Buyer for 3 days. When I called their customer service the guy said he had never seen this before and it must be a mistake.

I get transferred to disputes with this guy's summary that I am the one who had the negative feedback removed and should not have gotten a 3 day suspension. But then I get the person who can only say over and over again, "I don't know why you got this suspension. You used profanity. The suspension will not be removed." I told her neither me or the seller used profanity and did they even read the email?

Have a supervisor call me. Supervisor calls me back in 15 minutes and asks how can he help me?! Really, Daniel? I've been on the phone for an hour.

He apologizes because his department is overwhelmed with calls?! Not something a smart supervisor would have said, but okay. I explain the same story a third time and Daniel says he will call me back. 10 minutes later he calls me back and says the suspension will stay and it had nothing to do with the transaction?!

WHAT?!?! I was suspended as both a buyer and a seller for 3 days. I make $100/day average. I filed with the BBB, AG and sent the same information to eBay Corporate HQ.

The Corporate HQ email was non-deliverable and I got notice that it was never received by them. Just for the heck of it, I decide to see if I can re-list an item that did not sell for charity. What pops up when I try to re-list it? "You are suspended for 14 days for violations to eBay policies.

This has nothing to do with your transaction". Can anyone here top this story?! Suspended a Buyer for leaving honest feedback. The seller's negative comment and feedback was removed.

I am punished for letting eBay know about it.

Biggest SNAFU I've ever seen! Ruby Lane here I come!!

Review about: Ebay Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: I want a full refund or $1,400 in credit to pay fees. I make $100/day x 14 days..

I liked: Good sellers and buyers, Good vendors with accurate descriptions and products, Variey of merchandise, I like quality.

I didn't like: Being treated like dirt, Very poor sellers who feel they can do whatever they like, Deception practices, Ebay management lying to me about refund, Customer service.

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I believe every word. Why?

Because the same sort of situation happened to me and I was penalized. I also found out that I am not to break any item while packing it because it will be held against me when I contact the buyer to let them know what happened and refund their money immediately. Oh, and you cannot misplace any of your listed items either, regardless of their size and after I tore my bedroom and living room apart looking for the item. I found it many weeks later, contacted the buyer to apologize and offer them a big discount on the item if they still wanted it.

No response from the buyer. HUGE response from eBay; that is strike #2. Two more strikes and I will be labeled as a BELOW STANDARDS SELLER, lose any discounts for listing, etc. eBay wants to be paid every month, then they turn around and label me with the kiss of death.

My sales are flat now because I did get two more "defacto" divots on my account. eBay told the BBB that they do everything they can to help sellers. HAHAHAHAAA, right!

You're helping me not sell items and you still want to be paid. Go to *** Ebay!


You’ll probably have better luck on Rubylane. I did.


I filed this on 12/16/17 and eBay has not even acknowledged my concerns, let alone the lost revenue I cannot do without. Today is 1/16/18.

Is their dispute area "overwhelmed" again?! eBay lost a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT seller's filed for this and all of their negative behavior forced on sellers. The SECOND CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ebay lost due to the RICO ACT and their relationship with PayPal. Again, taking whatever money they want every time they declare the seller is at fault because they're not going to pay!

We all have an individual account with PayPal. Apparently, and this is according to PayPal, we also signed an agreement with eBay about our account that is linked to eBay. This is exactly the same relationship we all have with our bank-issued credit cards. However, PayPal does not ask any questions; they do no investigation; they freely hand over our money.

Does that sound like eBay and PayPal are two separate entities? Until all of us files with the Attorney General's Office of California, nothing will happen. Filing with the BBB is a waste of time. They accept every piece of paper from eBay as a valid response and close your complaint.

FILE WITH THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE THE SAME WAY YOU FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE BBB ONLINE. The Attorney General's office is a much more reliable "watch dog" than a middle man with no power.

Keep doing this and we will see a THIRD CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST EBAY and maybe, just maybe, they will continue to be monitored to ensure that eBay is following through with State policy. If you want to complain about PayPal, file a complaint with the FINANCE INSURANCE BUREAU who licenses every bank and financial entity so they can do business in OUR COUNTRY.


I word, “Amazon”!

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