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Still no reolution.

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I recently sold an Acoustic Guitar for $3,450 + and the buyer paid for Shipping $80.25.

The order number was 16-0762*-***22

The item ID is 144197****87

Date Sold 09/18/2021

Quantity Sold 1

The money was not in PayPal or my Bank of America account. I called eBay 1-800-SUPPORT and was transferred to a man named David Miller, Employee Number P301008****.

The case ID is 039274****930.

I was on the phone with him off and on for 7 hours.

He had me buy three $200 eBay gift cards, because he said he needed to get this going. He told me to wait in the parking lot, in the car, and text him the receipts and the individual gift card numbers. Then he said needed me to buy two $200 cards, which I did. Finally, he said he needed two $200 cards and one $100 card.

Which I bought.

He asked me to buy two more cards for $300, and I refused. I have racked up $1,500 in Debt buying eBay cards and from what I can see, nothing has been resolved.


1. Congratulations, you have been credited with $3898.52. Virtual Credit in your cares which is linked with your card ending in ******6100 for the transaction through prepaid card.

eBay support

2. We need to create a payment gate pass so that we can activate your refunds value. So we need to attach 2 more cards with your case ID. These card value will be directly added back in Wallet after completion of CASE.

eBay support.

3. Congratulations, The last 2 cards provided by you for activating the gate pass has been successfully filled up on the account.

But these 2 cards were just enough to activate the amount of $1800 and the rest of the amount system requires 2 more cards to complete the account.

Thanking you eBay Support

4. Congratulations, you have been credited with $4,858.52 Virtual credit in your card ending ******6100 for the transaction through the prepaid card. eBay Support.


appreciate your time and patience with us. Your CE ID 039374****930 for the refund case. David Miller EMP: P301008****. Thank you, Ebay Support


Gateway Activation Declined

Reason Manufacture Defend

Gateway has not been fully activated due to the last slot of cards having manufacturing defend with the store IP location.

Use different store location for activating the Gateway completely for the refund

Thanking you.

eBay Support

I am writing to escalate this issue to get it resolved. I worked in Banking on the technology side and I have never seen anything this bad.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Ebay Cons: Cannot easily speak with a human, Having to play detectlive to determine what is wrong.

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