This guy GEORGE9785 an ebay seller that has zero patience and a bad temper began spamming me with email that contains threats and foul language because I did not leave him feedback. I have a family small children and I filed a police report on June 23 2014 case # IN379976 .

I never thought an ebay seller would step so far over the line that I would need to take steps to protect my family from an unstable muslim from *** . This man made money off me. I was happy with the item.

I would have gladly given him feedback if he had used som patience. What ebay buyer leaves feedback the very same day as purchase ?

I found a picture of this little foreign monster and it is posted here .

Monetary Loss: $1250.

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Why would you waste the police time over that?? Really?? Like they wouldn't have better things to do and dealnwith

to Anonymous Hoboken, New Jersey, United States #1168490

"email that contains threats and" ...I think the police take threats very seriously ..go figure.


George 9785 AKA George Boulos a known ebay Psycho just google this nut

Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #995070

You need to protect your family against yourself, you racist ***. Maybe he had a reason to be rude to you...

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #836522

You need to contact Homeland Security. read the internet please. this guy is a terrorist from lebanon in exile living in BC he is bad news GOOGLE him and you will see for yoyrself

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