New Haven, Connecticut

Mr. George Boulos of CANADA, using a false USA Address (a Post Office Box) bout a first day cover from me that was autographed by various astronauts.

This cover was signed by Al Worden Scott Carpenter D.Slayton , Wally Schirra . I sold it at auction realized price of $ 149.50 . Right after I shipped this Mr. George Boulos filed an eBay SNAD complaint claiming this item was counterfeit.

Under eBay conditions Significantly Not As Described the buyer needs no real proof just hersay and eBay contacts PAYPAL and PAYPAL takes the money back out of your account. NICE ? As a seller you fall victim to scammers like GEORGE9785 George Boulos of CANADA with a United States fake address to avoid customs (he gets his money refunded anyway). Mr.

George Boulos did not return my item and with eBay's SNAD a return of an alleged counterfeit item is just not required at all. I am certain that George9785 will resell my item. This SOB is also a hater of Americans because he sent me a letter with some anti-American Bull *** printed matter . I filed a Police report and the item (which is pictured) is stolen property so if it shows up for sale again then the ownship does not hold a clear title and since there is a police report on file along with a clear photograph of this item then upon buyer it you might just end up surrendering it.

THANK YOU FOR READING MY COMPLAINT. Please Do Not Buy Stolen Items Off Ebay

Monetary Loss: $150.

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George Boulos made Antisemite remarks

From what I know, George Boulos lives in Canada, has a phony Address in the USA, He was denied US Citizenship , He sells questionable items on eBay as george9785. He stalks people.

He berates eBay customers when they request tracking information on purchases from him.

He posts racist remarks about Jewish people and blames his problems on a man who is apparently Jewish. Did I miss anything ?


Mr George What do your many chargebacks have to do with the person that you stole from being Jewish ? Why did you mention that ?

And why did you post using your victim's name ? If you live in Canada then why are you using a United States post Office Box for your mailing address ?


The opening post here (and essentially all the subsequent posts ) are from the fraudster and forger/forgery dealer Karl Janesky of Guildford, Connecticut. He sells on eBay under the username "vintage761".

He sold me forged lithographs, wouldn't honor his written guarantees once they were determined to be forgeries and because he lost the credit card chargeback claim that resulted (and because he's mentally unstable) he decided to try and soil my reputation on sites like this where he can post anonymously and under fictitious names and locations.

He's a known forger, a compulsive liar and a manipulator with, apparently, a lot of free time on his hands to create these posts.

You're a low life Janesky - go back under your rock. You're an embarassment to the Jewish faith, to the U.S.A., and to humankind.


I purchased an Alan Shepard Typed Letter signed off eBay. GEORGE9785 AKA GEORGE "big mouth" BOULOS began sending me harassing eMails about the item I bought. These were not polite emails but foul mouthed rude emails

I have no doubt in my mind that the OP tells the truth about this foul mouthed rude person GEORGE BOULOS.


I am glad i read this before buying from george9785 on ebay. this man supports terrorists, he is crule, has no heart and should be kicked off ebay. You can't just look at fb you also have to do a web search


I too purchased from George Boulos on ebay and I was one of thse that received a link to James Foley's murder video attached to GEORGE9785's anti-America Tripe email newsletter. had I known this guy was a nut case , i would never have purchased from him.


Marty, I got the same email with the same links. This guy makes me sick.


I read some of George Boulos Nemir's blogs about the United states and how he uses profits of American Hero spoils to send to *** organizations. george9785 is on the same *** level as those evil beings that murdered Jim Foley. Why do people buy from a Lebonese rebel in BC ?


In a Google search, I saw this complaint and I decided to add my two cents. I bought a lot of items from George B.

and I thought he was in Washington because his PO BOX is Washington state. He is very nervous about his feedback. I too recieved quite a few emails from him and he is not very polite.

I will say that none of the emails were threats but his barrage of emails are annoying. He is not a nice man but has has good stuff .


George9785 George Bolous eBay Scam

I made the mistake of buying from GEORGE9785 on EBAY he sent me many emails demanding feedback. I told him I would be pleased to leave feedback after my item had been delivered . I decided not to leave any feedback and I have his email blocked



I saw this complaint and I want to say that I bought two items from GEORGE9785 on eBay and,while I was please with the items, the harassing and threatening eMails were too much. George was angry and abusive toward me because I waited to leave feedback.

Why the *** should I leave feedback before getting my items ?

i wish I had done a google search on the GEORGE9785 before buying from him. I now worry these items might be hot.


There are many complaint about good ol' George Boulos,george9785,george boulos nemar AKA 55seconds.


Another NUT ripping off people on eBay


There is another post that says that this guy George Bouols Nemir was denied US Citizenship due to a heavy criminal past




maybe I will buy from GEORGE9785 on eBay just to see if he behaves like the @$$hole everyone claims. LOL !


A dishonest seller on eBay ? Really Now !!!


I read everything here and I completely agree with Anonymous from Milford New Hampshire. I read what George wrote as a response and his wording and fowl attitude lead me to believe this post because George is an angry dishonest sub-human being with no morals and he is full of lies and hate.


Mr George Boulos Nemar AKA George9785 has used some very hostile wording and he just may sound unreasonable and distorted to others and therefore his rebuttals do not work in his favor. I looked at his eBay feedback and his response to feedback makes him look like a reactionary person.

The antisemitism is really working against him as well. George Boulos Nemar should not be posting anything on-line to defend himself because he comes across sounding hostile and unlikable to his audience. George's choice of wording really hurts his own credibility which in turn actually gives the original poster's position credibility. Every time you rebut on this type of forum you actually move this thread higher in the Google search engine.

George you need to join Facebook, Twitter and other forums using your many names and push the negative reports about you downward in the Google search. Did you know that by typing in your name or any one of your many alias the first information about you are all negative ? Your rebuts do not help your image at all. I looked at VINTAGE761 and this hurts your image as well because this old man is selling posters,prints,books,eye glasses and the autographs he sells are of old obscure vaudeville stars at cheap prices.

Where are his forgeries ? Maybe he did sell you something that was not signed but you stated that you refused to return the item. George if you emailed me in an angry hostile manner then I would refuse to refund you as well and if you told me that you had no intention of returning my item then I would defiantly refuse you a refund.

I understand that you reside in Canada. They have excellent health care and you need to see a doctor so you can get medication to control the chemical imbalance going on right now inside of your brain.


eBay should give this George9785 the golden boot !

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