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Bought a welder. Seller didnt have the one advertised.

Offered another one he said was the same. The one wasnt the same he said was. It doesnt weld aluminum which is my primary need. He sent it.

Wouldnt issue a return label unless I canceled my return request. Now the item that was shipped has been lost by UPS it seems. There are no updates on the tracking number since the 6th! Im not waiting a month on a guy that had an ad for an item and never had the item he had for sale.

Please help me process the refund.

I called Friday and started the process and got disconnected.

Your / EBAYs Customer service is the worlds worst! Please have someone contact me that speaks English its America here.

That would be a great start! Your automated system is a train wreck it just asks the same questions over and over and you get no place

Account Bartuned-0

Phone: 407-535-****

User's recommendation: Suspend Sellers Immediately that have and ad up for something they don’t have!

Monetary Loss: $385.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Clermont, Florida

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Contact the source of payment and ask them to reverse said charge(s) and refund your money. Don't wait on ebay, they don't care, it is "not" their money.

I've had many problems with fake tracking numbers, fake merchandise, now I do "not" do business with ebay. Ebay need sot close up shop and go some where else. The FTC needs to close them up. Take screen shots of fake tracking numbers, fake email responses, etc.

and send it all to payment source as proof of bad business wiht ebay and sellers. YOU will get your money refunded to your account.

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