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I purchased a Red and black contemporary sofa from LA furniture via ebay! I called prior to purchase to confirm the red was primary red rather than some off color.

I paid 1895 dollars for the sofa. While waiting for the sofa I painted my livingroom, two of the walls primary red. When the sofa arrived I was horrified to discover that the color was reddish orange and immediatley contacted the seller who admited fault. He said he 'called the warehouse and asked about the color rather than actually checking it himself".

He promised to 'make it right' and I waited. The next day my husband and I went to move one of the pieces of this section to another arrangement. When he went to push the sofa he was stabbed in the finger by a nail that had come through the leather from the inside of the sofa. We discovered that it had torn the sofa and shredded the back of the cushion that rested against that part of the back.

I called Oleg at LA furniture again and told him about the defect and the damage done by the defect. One of his managers actually accused me of having stuck the nail inside the sofa because I didn't like the color. Again Oleg assured me that he would contact the manufacturer and 'make it right'. When he called back he suggested that he would refund $200!

I asked him what the price difference between a perfect and 'damaged' sofa would be. He replied that he wouldn't sell a defective sofa. I said "so, as far as your concerned, a defective sofa has no value?" he started hemming and hawwing... Having exhausted my patience I contacted ebay buyer protection.

The first thing I received there was a note telling me that If i chose to return the sofa for a refund that I was responsible for the frieght shipiing (495 dollars worth). So returning the sofa meant i was automatically out $500! I think that outragous. Did I feel protected?

No! Can anyone afford to just toss out $500? I doubt it! Even if they sent a replacement that means I spent $2400 for the sofa...

not the amount I agreed to pay in the first place. So sending it back wasn't an option. So I waited, and waited, and waited... After a few days I received a $200 refund from LA Furniture.

So, apparently the difference in price between a new high quality leather sofa (correct color) and a torn leather sofa with a shredded cushion and that is the wrong color is $200! Naturally I went on and left negative feedback! I stated in my feedback the ebay buyer protection would not help! Guess what.

Ebay, who had waited days to even give me that sham of a refund, immediately removed my feedback because apparently you are not supposed to tell people that ebays buyer protection wont protect them... Thats a secret and ebay makes sure it stays that way! Now the hole is about as big as a quarter ... it tears if anyone sits on it so I will have to pay to have it repaired or it will get bigger still.

The cushion will have to be remade. From calls I've made it is going to cost between $200-350 to repair. So, for 1900 + dollars I will, after considerable legwork, have a repaired leather sofa that is the wrong color and will have to repaint my livingroom to keep it from clashing at the cost of over 200.00 more dollars. Total cost?

well over $2000. End result, a firm belief that Ebay will protect their scammin sellers because thats who pays them. They will even become an accomplice to the fraud if you try to warn others from being conned! And LA furniture thinks that if you send them money they can send you any defective piece of ____ they happen to have lying around even if its the wrong color, and your stuck with it.

and since they get away with it and ebay removes any warning placed by buyers, they will continue to do so...

But dont you worry, they'll pay ebay the required listing fees! And we all know that those fees are what ebay really cares about!!!

Monetary Loss: $1900.

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Yes,they have to pay return shipping only if the listing says they accept returns.That is what ebay told me.Dirty little secret if it is true???

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Thanks for the warning, I was about to purchase a sofa set from eBay, but im looking elsewhere now!


Good to know. I was getting ready to buy a ring off Ebay but I will scratch that thought. Thanks for the heads up.

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