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I've been an eBay member for a few years, making about 100 purchases or so and a few sales.

About 30-35% of the hi-tech and auto parts purchased end up as a complete waste, lost money. I'm not talking just about the standards in the far-east. Brand name products as well, these include Shipments from Canadian and US sellers.

Add those losses to the cost of your good eBay purchases and you'll find that you would have been better off to pay the big-box store price locally. (there are however, some exceptions).

Now this doesn't make sense to sustain this sort of retail atmosphere. In a brick and mortar real world, this company would be run out of town. So ....unless the whole thing is a scam, a sting..

In any scam, it's always good to have a dupe as well as a target.

At eBay you're the Target (the buyer) while the seller's plays the dupe (sometimes a clever dupe).

The whole scheme is setup to encourage the practice of delivering shabby goods, extra transactions, additional lstings, return shipments.

Unfortunately, the entire cost is brought to bear on the traget/buyer/YOU.

So who owns the sting...I suggest you look at the parties that win on every deal...

eBay for the listing fees

Fed-Ex for the shipping profits

Paypal for the transaction fees.

Okay, scam or conspiracy?

What's the difference?

Where there's smoke there's fire.

Considering the last lost, paypal, fed-ex, eBay and the eBay seller all made money on this deal at my expense. I dont even have the damaged goods.

The seller ships damaged goods or poorly packed and handled.

TI report the issue to the seller. The seller then makes the claim with the shipper.

Fed-Ex arranges pickup to investigate the damage claim nd perhaps pay the claim by the seller.

Fed-Ex uses a carrier that does not provide online tracking, so paypal denies any claim without online tracking (even with photocopies of signed documents) Fed-Ex knows this.

So Paypal doesn't refund and the seller, well he's the guy who shipped the damaged goods in the 1st place.

So, Ebay, rather than foster a retail performance strategy based on customer satisfaction 1st, we have one based on profit 1st for 3 parties to share.

And why not, they all make more money this way, especially fed-ex.

The Players

Paypal for financial transactions

Fed-Ex for shipping

ebay for selling transaction.

They can never lose. very, very clever.

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