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Today eBay ( a common goods selling site, accessible by the public ) is soliciting for funds to "reunite children with families".

eBay is a commercial entity and should remain so. There should be no politics in merchandising or sales functions.

The current media issue about children and the southern border is to sensationalize a situation which has been transpiring for years ; even under the patronage of Barrack Hussein Obama. eBay has been steadily ramping up their political stances and pet causes for years while dunning its customers for the money to do so.

Their entire website routinely portrays absurd visions of life beyond merchandising while continually rearranging the layout of the website and its access layout. Stay out of politics and stick with your business.

Reason of review: No politics please..

Preferred solution: Shut up..

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Feel free to never visit the site again...As for me, I'll double down a donation with you in mind. Thanks for alerting me to this opportunity.

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