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Update by user Jul 19, 2012

The situation was resolved after contacting the BBB and the State Attorney General. I had sent the photos taken with the camera to the Office of the President and recieved a full refund.

But I would still not buy a used digital camera on eBay again.

Original review posted by user Jun 18, 2012

On May 4, 2012, I bid on and won a Canon Powershot SD4000IS (item # 290703644697 ) for $113 from eBay seller Spital911. I had been looking for one of these discontinued models for awhile, and bid because I felt comfortable with the seller's description of the item, as he wrote and I quote "this camera works excellent and if you are not happy you can return it for a full refund".

I received the camera on May 9, 2012, it came well packaged by the seller. On the following Thursday and Friday I started using the camera, and a lot of my pictures were coming out blurry and unfocused, especially when outdoors in full sunlight. I contacted the seller who said he never had such a problem with the camera, and to try and reset the settings. I did so and experimented with the settings over the following weekend.

At first I thought I managed to get the camera working properly, by not prefocusing the shutter and wrote the seller that and left the positive feedback, not aware that I hadn't actually taken any pictures of objects that take up the top of the frame of the image. When I did so later I found the top and left hand side of my images were blurry. When I contacted the seller and sent him some photos of the blurring of the trees, he told me he still thought it was user error and to get advice from Canon. On Monday morning, May 14, I called Canon and explained the problem.

They told me that the blurring should not be happening and that it is most likely a mis-aligned lens, and that it would have to be repaired, out of warranty, costing me $119. I really thought of every reason not to return the camera, since it still took very good video and photos of close up objects and had manual control of aperture and shutter speed. But in the end I decided to let the seller know I wanted to return the camera, and figured it wouldn't be a big deal because of what he said in the listing. But he didn't accept the return and I was forced to open up a dispute case with eBay.

A few days later, when eBay decided in favor of the seller I was flabbergasted. I appealed, only to have my refund denied again. Here I am, sold a defective camera and eBay keeps standing by their original decision. A camera that "works excellently" should be able to take clear photos outdoors, right?

I have bought other used cameras on eBay before without any problem, and I have been taken aback by this experience. I certainly won't buy a digital camera on eBay again. I am now out $113 with a camera that I cannot use for outdoor photos. The seller is making up a story that I broke the camera, which is a complete and utter lie.

He has been sent photos and videos to show the camera is in the same working order that I received it in. I also have the 2GB Sandisk Ultra which he included with the camera, which shows photos exhibiting the same kind of problem taken by him prior to the sale of the camera to me. He has not written me back, except leaving harassing messages on my public complaints in order to silence me, but he will not silence me until I get my money back!.

I have spoken with eBay customer support on the phone almost a month ago, but have not heard back on the investigation, so I sent a Certified Letter over a week ago but have still not recieved a response. I will be pursuing legal action against eBay and the seller, as well as filing a complaint with the State Attorney General.

Monetary Loss: $113.

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If you try filing a charge back that can suspend your ebay as well. You may have a quick fix for one item, but nothing beyond that.



I understand how frustrating to get scammed out of your money. I personally have been three time on ebay. Even though I hate ebay, I still love them for their deals at times. To make sure sellers fraud doesn't continue, I am starting a shipping service. Go to and check it out and let me know what you think. I would appreciate it.



This guy is using the camera outside for videos yet he wants his money back?


If you purchased the camera with a VISA or Mastercard, or even a Debit Card featuring one of these logos, you should be able to dispute the charges with your bank - provided it was routed through one of these systems. VISA has the BEST policies on purchases, but MC is a close second. You'll only need to contact your card services department at the bank which issued the card (usually the number on the back will do) and say you want to dispute the charge in question, stating that the merchandise was either defective or not as advertised.

Their drivel stating no returns on the listing page is meaningless if they accept a VISA or MC payment, since they agree to the terms of those companies in order to accept money through their systems. A beautiful benefit of owning a card with one of their logos on it, and also a lesser known fact outside of those who have worked in card services.

Be polite and informative with the person you speak to, stating one of the reasons I mentioned, and you should be good. In most cases, you'll get your money back instantly or close to it. In some situations you may be required to return the defective merchandise but it all depends so ask if you're not sure. Happy disputing ;)


haha yea good luck with that.

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