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Please note the documents that are uploaded to this post from Feedbacks of sellers & what they have been told to do by EBAY.

Go to You Tube look for the "Green Snakes" type in GE Capital Retail Pay Pal & view the clip along with reading statements from a "GE Capital Retail Bank" employee in a "Rebuttal" to one of my posts on Rip-Off.

In this "Rebuttal" on Rip-Off Report you will see the names of the stores that use this bank for there credit cards.

These stores are in it up way over there heads not to mention being just as crooked. They along with this bank get those "illegal fees" too or a portion of it. So they are by no means saints in this situation they are just as "EVIL & CROOKED" as ever.

Some of the names in this "Employee's" rebuttal are, Wal-Mart, Lowes, JC Penny's, Toys-R-Us, Sears, K-mart, Target etc. etc., you can read more when you go to Rip-Off Report #1140625.

EBAY Pay Pal GE Capital Retail Bank GE Capital Retail Money Bank GE Money Bank now Synchrony Bank are liars when they state in posted comments on sites like this & in letters sent to people & in emails.

If these "EVIL, CORRUPT, DISHONEST, CHEATS, FRAUDS, LIARS & *** ARTISTS" really cared it would not continue to happen.

Anyway in two (2) more years there will be nine (9) million more "Suckers to Screw" so "WTF" are we the consumer going to do? Who knows so far I have received no indication from any state or government agency at all on what they will do about this in there letters this is closed.

The CFPB which I refer to as The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau have closed ALL my complaints on these corporations. That is why this "Illegal Activity" continues to spread like a wildfire out of control.

Original review posted by user Mar 02, 2015

I have filed several complaints against EBAY for the sneaky way they make money & just how "Crooked" they really are. This is another complaint only this one is a real eye opener it lets you know just how bad its getting in "Corporate America" absolutely disgusting.

Not only do some of the "Sellers" at EBAY leave "Positive Feedback" in there message they state they have to leave PF for losers & "Scammers". Now why would these "Sellers" on EBAY have to leave "Positive Feedback" when they know the buyer or buyers are "Scammers"?

EBAY has taken "Negative Feedback" & has changed it to "Positive Feedback" & why do some sellers have to leave "Positive Feedback" when they know the buyer is a "Scammer" & state this in the message for "Feedback"? How deep does this go & how long has it been going on?

I have filed an IC3 on The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). These two documents along with the other documents that have been uploaded tell it all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ebay Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They probably leave positive feedback because they know if they leave negative feedback they will get it themselves as a retaliation. This is literally speculation but I believe that's what's going on here. People need to keep their own reputations.


George Boulos is one of eBays top sellers

From what I know, George Boulos lives in Canada, has a phony Address in the USA, He was denied US Citizenship , He sells questionable items on eBay as george9785. He stalks people.

He berates eBay customers when they request tracking information on purchases from him. He sends links to the Isil Beheadings because he thinks Americans are "Funny".

He posts racist remarks about Jewish people and blames his problems on people who are apparently Jewish. Did I miss anything ?


Maybe the order was wrong, or off like they sent wrong or broken product, and the seller gave money back, or. "Made it right somehow with the agreement they will leave or edit the negative feedback??

Also i haVe read online about some sellers making fake orders for each other and leaving positive feedbacks just to make their rating better.

Could be anything. I know i stopped buying random stuff there when i bought 6 books, and when i got them they werent the books i ordered, or even the same author, and the seller wouldn't fix it and i didnt know what to do, so lesson learned and just buy books locally now.


Thank you for the information. I have been reading lots of dealings that are going on at EBAY right now on all kinds of websites.

You have sellers leaving "Positive Feedback" which is really "Negative Feedback" sellers complaining about not being able to sale or be on EBAY for no reason what so ever, buyers doing the same state they have done nothing wrong etc., etc. EBAY changing "Feedback Scores" of "Negative Feedback" to "Positive Feedback" "WTF" is going on in this day & age?

Have these "EVIL, GREEDY, FRAUDS & CHEATERS" of these Big ASSSSS Corporations gotten to the point they think people don't notice or care & give up because the person complaining can't get anything done? Even if they lose a "Class Action Lawsuit" or Civil Lawsuit they don't care in two more years they will have nine (9) million more suckers to screw & will have made up all the money lost in "Class Action" & "Civil Suits" by doing it all over again.

That is why they change there name so many times. Nothing has changed they continue to the same thing over and over again & all those little "I'm sorry about your experience please email blah, blah, blah blah & they will take care of it. Nicole is the name that is always signed I guess they got rid of the little man at the typewriter the cartoon character below Nicole's name, she has to be at least a "Trillions" years old.

I have posted lots of documents on these sites from Pay Pal & Synchrony Bank aka's GE Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Money Bank & GE Capital Retail Bank my experience started in 2011 of October after filing complaints since 2011 now they United States Postal Inspector is involved serves them right. Kaiser is also on these websites with copies of actual documents & these are real eye openers.

These documents show you just how creative they can get when they lie.

EBAY knew full well this person was a "Scammer" yet did nothing until I informed them I was going to fill out an IC3 form for internet crimes along with mail fraud to scam people out of money.

You can read the review #591638 on this site but these are actual documents that the symbols used by EBAY show this "Scammer" who had managed to go from 32 stars a 100% perfect score when I reported him. This "Scammer" managed to get to 46 stars 100% perfect feedback score.

I called EBAY many times over & over & with an email & on February 18, 2015 when I went online to see if this "Scammer" was still "Scamming" & seen that he/she or it was going hot & heavy that is when I informed EBAY that night when I talked to them I was going to go online & file an IC3 which is on the website The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

Next day on February 19, 2015 I got SIX (6) emails from EBAY informing me that this Thopin0 (46) stars 100% Feedback Score is not registered on EBAY.

The corruption in the world today has gone rampid & telling lies as if it were there second language is disgusting. We have a NATION of CORPORATE LIERS!

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