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I kid you not. I have complained before about ebay's ineptitude, lack of customer service training, disregard for safety of the consumer's money and rights, and what I would call a "blunder-some" business model.

Well this may top all of that, at least where humor is concerned. For some time I have noticed that when an ebay offer is declined or it expires, I always get an unread e-mail in my inbox that I can't find. Normally, since new, unread email is at the top, I expect any unread mail to be on top of the list, which is ordered by date, the newest email received being first.

I finally figured out that the unread email from ebay I can't find is going to the bottom of my inbox due to it's date: December of 1969.

It doesn't seem to matter when the offer is made or when it expires or is declined. The email from ebay's system is always dated December 31st, 1969.

It's one glitch that perhaps is not making the consumer too unhappy for a change, so perhaps people are not talking about it. I'm sure someone out there must have also noticed this.

I thought that this site could do with one ebay complaint that may just make you smile, or perhaps even face-palm!

I keep getting Ryan's Adam's "Summer of 69" song stuck in my head every time an ebay offer I make is declined or expired. And now I'm sure you will to.


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Joliet, Illinois, United States #1203751

Why go to emails? Go to your frigging ebay account messages.


Is it really that deep? Who cares? Clearly someone w/o much of a life who thinks they're smarter than anyone else in the room.

Don't like it, quit it son...


it's BRYAN ADAMS you ***...

to NaughtyNancy Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States #943844

it's a typo, dipshit

to Anonymous #944981

Now, now, children - let's not argue over a craptastic artist and his craptastic song.

Vincennes, Indiana, United States #822425

Im seriously laughing my *** off.

You're whining because the date isn't right?



Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #693941

Thanks for your help but it's actually on a mobile device, and it happens exclusively with ebay's "offer declined" and "offer expired" emails.

It does not happen with any other email that I get.

Does that mean that ebay is sending the emails with no date? and my device is simply putting the default date on it?


Being in IT I see this a lot with company email notifications, check your email from a PC and see if the email from them is still dated 12/31/1969, as this is the default date that is programmed into electronic devices because they automatically pull the date and time from the network or internet, well if your device has a hiccup while trying to pull that information or is to slow from not being restarted daily like a PC it will use the default date in your device. You can usually go to settings uncheck mark the Auto Date/Time and set it as todays date, then turn the auto back on and whenever you get a hiccup it'll put todays date instead of 12/31/1969. Hope this helps, much luck.

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