i wrote to attorney generals office in california that ebay sells beastality and rape movies they passed the buck and told me to write to internet crime unit.i told ebay about this and they hide the evidence on the item numbers luckily i photo copied the beastality movies off there websight and alot of them sold.they told me its hard to catch it.but i caught alot of it in just a few days look under 8 mm or super 8 movies .i think the goverment should stop selling there surplus on ebay and sell on a local auction sight there just feeding people that go against there own rules

Location: Syracuse, New York

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Right after posting this complaint you posted another one about eBay complaining that they suspended your account. Maybe you know all about the ***/rape videos sold on eBay because YOU are the seller or buyer of that nasty *** and that's why eBay suspended you.


pimpdaddy is a ***!!


I'm a what?


mind you ebay itself doesn't sell them it's the perverse sellers that do ebay just lists the items.

that being said I don't know what's worse that they don't take it more seriously or that you went out and found them.

and lastly what does the government have to do with this? do you really think the US govt manufactured/produced said ***/rape movies?


the goverment sells there surplus on ebay.i don,t think they should use a company that sells illegal material.go on the adult sight of ebay you,ll find bootleg and stolen material write away without the producers concent.one of the big seller bootleggers name is copperhead look his stuff up all stolen

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