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ebay seller topsignedbooks sold 98 Bruce Springsteen 'Born to Run' books that contain a forged signature of The Boss which he hand-signed them all. This wasn't the same book that was given at the store.

It was a special signed edition. Simon & Schuster, the publisher that issued the book for sale confirmed in fact the books sold under topsignedbooks are forgery. This fraud perpetrated from this transaction alone net him approximately $50,000. How this scam works?

Put out an auction for sale of the book on ebay under the pretense that he will get the signature from Springsteen in person. First of all, Bruce Springsteen wasn't going to sign 100 books for him. But about 100 people fall for it. Another thing is he wasn't doing any signing at the store.

All the books were pre-signed by him during his tour. He panic. What to do? So he decided to buy 98 generic Born to Run book and forged the Bruce Springsteen signature on to them.

Customers begin to notice and complain. Wrote negative feedbacks. The bad news, that he is still in business running his scam to this day. Give me a break!

The name under the account believe to be Leopold Lesnik from Los Angeles, CA. Picture below is an example of the book he was sending to his customers. Get the word out.

Don't buy from topsignedbooks. Shame on eBay to allow this to continue.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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change his ebay username to topnewbooks he have secondary account call myhappybooks


He's back at it again now. Now he's doing Carrie Fisher, Mel Brooks, Elvira, Frank Miller, Alex Hirsch


he's a book forger

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